Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan Kareem~

So a lot has happened. My monitor died on me yesterday and I was computer-access-less for about 27 hours. My mind was in shambles. What is happening on facebook, did I get any new emails, what is new on ebay, what is new in the world, etc. etc. Then I had to calm myself down and think about life before the internet. I am not going to bore you with that topic because I am sure thousands of people have written a lot about the pre-internet, pre-web 2.0 era. So, instead I decided to focus my energy on other things such as grocery shopping which my roommate enticed me into last evening. I kept in mind that I need to stock up on all kinds of food from frozen mixed vegetables, canned chick peas to pasta and eggs. All of them life saviors. After I came home I once again realized 'no computer'. I decided to focus my energy onto cooking. Made a dish with strips of chicken breast, chick peas and red potatoes. I also rolled out some whole wheat rotis. Yeah, I know you're probably thinking where I get that energy from and why would I know how to make them. Well, one of the most vivid memories I have of my childhood are those of the intoxicating fragrance of buttery hand-made paratas and beautifully scrambled eggs filling up the entire house, as disney cartoons (with arabic subtitles)are playing on the tv in a tiny living room filled with an obnoxious amount of sunlight, yet happy. I have loved hand-made bread since then and it took me a while to figure out how to get them right. I am still in the process of testing and trying. So anyways, I woke up at 5am last night and had some of the chicken dish and rotis while watching Law and Order. Come today and I was so impatient. I was on an empty stomach and didn't have a computer to browse on. I am sure most of you will agree that that is a deadly combination. I still kept my cool and did little things around the house. I looked on my roomies laptop for craigslist listings for monitors for sale and called a bunch of them. None of them picked up but one lady did and she goes 'its my daughters birthday and we have the yard set up so not today'. Finally, with the help of robdob, who was looking at craigslist listings for me in the buffalo area. He finally found one and gave me the number. So everything worked out and I got another monitor. Soon it was time for going over to kawsars for an impromptu iftar (fast-breaking) gathering. He did a lot of work and made a whole bunch of stuff along with the help of his friends. As unhealthy as it may seem, iftar is all about eating all kinds of fried-fritter like items. Usually we do it with lentils paste or brinjals or onions and the list goes on. It was a ton of fun and it was nice that all of us broke fast together. I miss it you know because I am here all alone and have to usually do it in my closet like room with a glass of tropicana and some kind of chicken and rice kind of deal. Okay, I have yakked a lot today. Ramadan Kareem everyone!

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