Saturday, September 6, 2008

20 things I could live without...

1. People (possibly old) who turn off the air conditioner or fan while you're still sleeping.
2. Size 2 complaining to a size 6 about being fat and really fat.
3. Hot, humid days when hair is frizzy, face is oily and arm-pits sweaty.
4. Pimple(s) right before a big event.
5. Monthly fluctuations in the body's chemical composition.
6. Unwashed dishes (for a while) with hardened pasta, cheese and sauce.
7. Obnoxiously darkly-lined lips with a no-color lippstick filled in. Ew
8. Smell inside the airplane right when they heat up the food.
9. People who ask about your weight in front of 500 people.
10. Guys who do their eyebrows.
11. Chicken fat (raw)
12. An elevator that smells
13. Jeans that are too tight near the...ahem..
14. Wetness around the bathroom sink
15. Anything mint chocolate chip
16. Leftover laundry that you forgot to do the last time
17. Amy Winehouse
18. Lavender flavored stuff
19. Stores that have huge 75% sale signs and absolutely nothing inside.
20. Little girls who act suggestive.

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