Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My new fave song "Hide and Seek": : Thanks Aaron =)

"Hide And Seek"

Where are we? What the hell is going on?
The dust has only just begun to form,
Crop circles in the carpet, sinking, feeling.
Spin me round again and rub my eyes.
This can't be happening.
When busy streets a mess with people
would stop to hold their heads heavy.

Hide and seek.
Trains and sewing machines.
All those years they were here first.

Oily marks appear on walls
Where pleasure moments hung before.
The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this
still life.

Hide and seek.
Trains and sewing machines. (Oh, you won't catch me around here)
Blood and tears,
They were here first.

Mmm, what you say?
Mm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did.
Mmm, what you say?
Mm, that it's all for the best? Ah of course it is.
Mmm, what you say?
Mm, that it's just what we need? And you decided this.
Mmm what you say?
What did she say?

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.
Speak no feeling, no I dont believe you.
You don't care a bit. You don't care a bit.

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.
Speak no feeling, no I don't believe you.
You don't care a bit. You don't care a bit.

You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.
You don't care a bit.

Sounds soooo good...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grub time..

The foodie that I am, just wanted to list all of my favorite foods on here:
They are not ranked according to favoriteness, so read on =)

Middle Eastern
1) Turkish Shawarma
2) Arais Bread
3) Hummus
4) Falafel
5) Baklava
6) Fatoush
7) Harisi

Indian/ Bangladeshi
1) Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)
2) Chicken Tandoori (Indian style BBQ Chicken)
3) Butter Naan (Fluffy flat bread slathered with butter)
4) Matar Paneer (Chunks of Ricotta cheese and peas in tomato sauce)
5) Lamb Biryani (Aromatic rice cooked with spiced lamb)
6) Falooda (Milk drink with rose syrup)

1) Fettuccine Alfredo
2) Fried Calamari
3) Pizza Margherita
4) Cannolo siciliano
5) All Italian breads (fresh baked) with dipping oil
6) Tortellini
7) Rum cake
8) Basil Pesto (actually all pestos)

1) Pad Thai
2) Pad Ke Mow
3) Pad Gupow
4) Tom kha gai
5) Fried ice-cream (bananas, coconut, included)
(Okay all these are dishes taken off a certain restaurants menu (Jasmine), don't know any better).

1) Shrimp Lo Mein
2) Chicken Ginger Scallion
3) All kinds of chinese fried rices.
4) Schezuan food

Some foods that I don't know what cuisine they belong to:

1) Butter Mochi (think Hawaiian)
2) Pancit (think Filipino)
3) Bibingka (think Filipino)

Must have forgotten to put like a gazillion more stuff here but this is all the stuff that I can think of now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Long time- no see

So--The past few days have been rather eventful and a ton of fun. Gowri and I had planned that no matter, what we would make this Thanksgiving the greatest break ever. We planned out a bunch of things a while ago (like a week ago really) and we followed through with most of it. From spending a night at the VIP area of a club to visiting an art gallery, we did it all. On Thanksgiving, we decided (well, actually I did because I am pretty good at envisioning how long it takes to prepare a meal.) to roast a whole chicken instead of a turkey. Yes, no turkey but hey, everyone love's chicken and you can never really go wrong with chicken. We also got the fixings...potato salad, dinner rolls, gravy, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, etc. It was a ton of fun. Since it was us kids preparing everything, the food tasted just about okay (according to me) but it was really a therapeutic expreience. Need to stop this habit of calling everything therapeutic. I am sure there are people who dread cooking. All in all, the past few days have been fun. Some stuff I am not going to put here because it would render some questionable consequences. Hence the pictorial representation.
Before leaving ---Just one quick thought that I would like to mention. Girls think, Boys don't. It's obviously not true for all girls and all boys but that rule holds very, very true in today's world. I feel that the female mind is this non-stop thinking machine. I mean I know that I sometimes double or triple think. Seems like a hard thing but is achieved quite flawlessly by the ever-wondering female mind. It's not a good thing. I actually prefer the way guys think. They think about something for a hot second and they don't. Their thinking is kind of like short movies. Really short movies albeit successful. Females, however, have sequels to those movies. Many, many sequels, most of which are ginormous flops. This is why women are always going to be behind men in terms of their thinkology. Ignore the usage of weird lingo.
Which one am I? About 4 years ago I was a true blue female thinker. Ever since though I have been trying to switch to male thinking mode---almost getting there. Soon, I too, will be able to enjoy life---without thinking.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gray's sympathectomy

This is what one does on Thanksgiving eve---create dumb stuff on Paint.
Today's been a gloomy, gray and an outrageously sad day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So...today was the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break. We only had one class cancelled but had the other two. In between classes, Gowri and I went to the mall to browse for a bit. She has a winter gala sort of thing coming up so we were looking for a dress for her. She is so gorgeous that she could literally pick anything off the rack and put it on and she would look like a dream. After the mall we grabbed a quick bite and then headed to class. Class went all the way up to 8:32pm and Professor Raffel considers that 'letting us out early'. Anyways, all in good spirit. After class I went over to Gowri's and got some delicious food there. Then we came over to my place after watching 'Dancing with the Stars'. I think Mel B is so, so, so gorgeous. Her accent just adds to the sexiness. So, at my place we watched 'Kimora- Life in the Fab Lane' and was thinking how nice would it be if we were in her place.
Ish, I don't know what's the point of me reiterating happenings of certain days on here anymore. I mean I know some of my friends (whom I don't see here and live like faraway) like to know what's going on in my life, but really it's just lame, boring stuff---almost like everyone else's lives. Almost. This obviously excludes a lot of people but I am not getting into that now. So, I have been this real mess lately. I feel like I am just losing direction. I consider myself to be a semi-focused person. But sometimes, I feel like I am falling off a cliff...into something. The falling part seems bad but the something part isn't clear to me yet.
Okay, these kids upstairs are blasting their music like nobody's business. I would have so called the cops on them--this is what happens when you've spent a good amount of your college life being a Resident Adviser-- but I am too lazy to do that right now. Too much work..
Okay, sleepy time.
Another thing---I just wish people would kind of stop paying too much attention. I don't like that when people who are not even remotely connected to someone pay more than required attention to that someone's life. Go figure. Nite

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Cyclone Sidr. More like Cyclone Doomsday. An entire faction of souls just lifted off the face of the earth. The earth probably weighs a little lighter today and feels a little empty with an entire part of it washed away of human life. What saddens me more is the fact that Bangladesh is one of the most impoverished nations in South Asia and it really doesn't need this. More than 2,000 people are dead and it is feared that the death toll could soar.
All the people who have lost loved ones and their homes must be in a completely abnormal state of mind. I mean, I can't even imagine what they are going through and I think nobody will be ever able to imagine unless they have gone through it. And to top it all these are people who live below the poverty line in houses made of bamboo.
I am going to be frank here, It did take me a little longer to assimilate the fact because I never lived in Bangladesh. It still is the place of my origin. I am a Non-Residential Bangladeshi and like many more, all I can do is hop on to cnn.com and see some quick numbers, pictures of debris and people sobbing, sitting by wreckage. But, tonight, I am feeling very hurt. I could have been one of them. Picturesque villages washed away, families broken apart, children being taken for burial and swarms of people sitting hopeless that none of it will ever return. It's a picture of so much horror and pain that I'd rather not think too much about it. I just pray for all of them---the dead, the injured, the lost...hope they all go to safe place soon.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scatter brain

Yes, I am a certified scatterbrain. This is not good. I had planned on taking the Database Quiz today but instead I lazed around all day. Watched TV, browsed through Facebook a gazillion times and ate some food. I just cant assimilate the fact that from now until December 12 or so we have about 4 presentations, 4 papers, etc. Its crazy. It was snowing for a bit today.
Okay sleepy time...gotta wake up and take my quiz tomtom =D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I feel...

Tired. Sleepy. Lonely.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Frosted flakes with milk
Apple, cashew nuts.
Rice with beef and broccoli
Walk home.
Prison Break.
Same food as before.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My new loverr....

So, I have a new lover. Her name is Gowri...hehehe. This girl is my sweet love coz we just have so much fun when we chill together. Today for example we were at the mall...clothes shopping for a bit. It's so lame that malls close at 6 on Sundays. Ew ew. So after that we headed to Wegmans for some impromptu grocery shopping. We spent ten million years in the tea and cookie section. I like people who consider going to grocery stores therapeutic. Just walking from one aisle to the other aisle, looking at different things bearing different shapes, sizes and colors is such a holistic experience. Okay I shall stop. So, anyways, she bought this real nice beef strips wrapped in all kinds of things like cheese and herbs. We also bought some flan making materials. Then went over to her place and put the beef in the oven and made the flan. That beef thingy was delicious. Amazingly succulent and oozing with precious cheese. We also had some 'puttu' and 'dal' that her mommy made which I love. I absolutely love South Indian food...The flan, however, didn't turn out that good (at least according to me)...I am losing my touch but G-love said she liked it and thats all that matters. We then watched 'Knocked Up'...I saw it before but G didn't...I love this movie. So well put together and the comic timing and dialogues are all so good. So anyways, my love dropped me home and it was the end of our clandestine affair...hehehe. I just took a shower and slathered some tea tree oil on my face because I am pimple face of the year. ...aaah lots of things to do tomorrow. Sleep must I.

P.S. Gwen's new fragrance is uber-sexy and I am coaxing Gowri into getting it...it goes well with her personality.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lounge searching...

Wow today was one sedentary and stagnant of a Saturday up until 9pm. It's not even worth mentioning what I did before 9 (capstone, eat, capstone, tv, etc.) but after that Gowri and I went to check out Nektar- the uber-cool bar where we will be having the Martini Stress Reliever this Friday. It's real nice but we felt its a bit too small so we went to a few other places like Duo, Le Metro, Papayas, etc. but then we settled on Nektar because it just seemed so much better in comparision to the other ones. It is a tad small but then small is cozy and cozy is good...its better than being scattered all over the place. It's not stuffy though. The reason we picked this place is because we want to have a gathering at a nice place (so we can dress up nice j/k=) and have a pleasant ambience. Had enough of undergrad style, $ 1 beer places. I mean it's okay but this time we planned on a nicer place because let's face it...Buffalo can be quite the slushy place due to its delectable weather. Also...I like to actually be able to hear what the other person is saying in a bar than having to crouch up their ears or mouths to prolong a conversation. No Thanks. Funny thing is I don't even drink so...well I do have a mean Shirley Temple (with a little less Sprite please). Anyways, this looks like it is going to be a fun little thing where me and G-love will get to vent some long-held stress and pain....

Friday, November 9, 2007

Seriously impaired judgement

Don't ask me why the title is so. It's one of those situations where I can't write about it...just kind of think about it in my head.
The pic is actually of my all-time fave comic book. Always was the perfect bedtime, schooltime, bathroomtime read...=)
Today was not too bad. I still have a cold...seriously, it's been too long now since I have had this cold. I wonder how I'd cope once this is gone. Ok kidding. Work shmirk was good...I love my work peeps. They all have such vibrant personalities and it's so much fun chit chatting with them. We talk about everything from - is farting better than stomach rumbling (that was me- you guessed I'm sure =) to is prostitution being offered at massage places and spas? I know its random but it's fun and relaxing. After work I headed to the gym for a bit. Ever since I have been on these antibiotics, I have been feeling very weak and I am also looking terrible. My eyes look puffy, dark circles underneath, blotchy skin, etc. etc. - oh well, I'm just happy that I am not as sick as I was pre-antibiotics. After 40 minutes or so I slipped into the sauna for a bit...I called Gowri and then she came and picked me up and we went out and about for a spin. We went to Wal-Mart, Boulevard Mall to pick our body splashes along with our BOGO free coupons. I got the Black raspberry vanilla and I need some serious reviews from people about the scent. I like it but then I hope I am not smelling like Robitussin. She got some food for Ryan from Outback Steakhouse. She's a real gem.
She dropped me home and I have been here ever since. Just sitting in front of the computer...being lazy, unfocused, coughy, blank and just confused.
I know I have never mentioned my closest guy friend here before...it's R. Thats his initial and thats as far as I am willing to go...explanation will follow. The word 'friend' is an understatement but then again I don't want some pesky cousin or auntie to stumble upon this blog and call my parents and tell them that I am being a brat here in the United States (instead of studying) and making boyfriends. I come from a semi-traditional family and in my family it is not well tolerated that a girl has a boyfriend or anything of that sort prior to marriage. Yeah, I know---but lets be respectful here.
This is also a good time to explain why I don't have a relationship status on Facebook. Okay enough of a disclaimer that was.
I have known R since October 2003. He is a wonderful person. He is super-gentleman like and super-nice (I sound so uppity). At the same time however he is super-quiet. That's okay though. He thinks out real loud in his head (I think at least) and then says what would be appropriate situation-wise. Very spiffy about his actions. Very thoughtful and very calm at all times. A little drawback though is the quietness really---he will just bottle his emotions up and never let the opposite person know how he really is feeling. Not a great quality according to me.
He is now in Orlando, Florida pursuing Law school. So proud of him...I hope he conquers all his dreams someday.
Okay I shall resume capstone work now.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My music is where I'd like you to touch...

My music is where I'd like you to touch...so thats a line from the song 'Music is my Hot Hot Sex' by Cansei de Ser Sexy. This song was used in the recent IPhone commercial. It's catchy. I just had an orange...prior to that I had some zesty ginger tea.

Today was like si---class, food, class, study, workout.

I have regained my ginormous appetite back. Not good.
It's so, so cold. I hate people who disagree.
(Okay not hate, dislike...eh, when did I get sucked into the cult of 'not say hate because its too harsh a word'?)

Okay not in writing mode now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oranges and apples...

I have been ODing on Peter Yorn's 'Strange Condition'...I heard it a while ago and then it just resurfaced on some movie the other day and I started listening to it. Anyways, today was a little tiring. Antibiotics are making me a little tired and weak. So I got me some apples, oranges and also some ginger. The ginger for making ginger tea...supposed to be good for weak immune system.
I have been a little stressed about my hair...I almost feel like I am going bald. Not like bald bald but like a receding hair line. Only if women looked charming with a bald spot. I think I am going to call it a day...just too tired and just too many thoughts gushing through my head.
Need to sort them out while I sleep...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Strange Condition...

So I was thinking...about blogging. And I am, well, blogging about it. Blogging- writing comments on a particular subject. At least thats what Wikipedia says. I, however, view blogging as writing a diary--not so much commenting on a political or social situation. A very public diary, that is. Now my question of concern is that although I use it as a diary, how much can I write here? I mean I didn't start writing here to keep it a private thing. If that was the case, then I would have just bought a cute looking journal and wrote in that...but writing by hand is almost becoming obsolete. Back to the point---I feel this (blogs) is a good way for loved ones far away to keep in touch. Obviously writing emails is a good thing if one wants to keep in touch with family and friends far away but then again an email is different from a blog entry. Blogs are sometimes incoherent and a muddle of things you wouldn't put all at once in an email, unless you write emails in a different manner.
So on blogs--- how explicit can I get with my thoughts and feelings. Could I write about things that would redeem ugly consequences? Probably not. I mean I don't think I could write about that pesky girl who annoyed me the other day or the cute guy who I have a crush on or even the professor who is driving me nuts with assignments. Those are just examples---completely fictional. But can one really write their true feelings, from deep within their hearts and minds and not worry about it? I am sure there are people who do it and have no qualms whatsoever...I, on the other hand, like to keep a few things to myself--situations where 1+1 doesn't equal 2 or thoughts that won't be digested well by anyone...But I like writing...and I guess with inhibitions, reservations and using measuring cups, I will continue to pen my filtered thoughts...

It's a Wiki-world out there

Argh. Argh. Argh. Research Paper. I am thinking of the agony most college student undergo when asked not to use Wikipedia, Google, etc. for research papers. Somehow they all still do---slyly. I am actually using LexisNexis and JSTOR a lot. I don't even remember the last time I used Wikipedia as an academic resource. NewsFlash: I am doing my paper for INF637 on Wikipedia and discussing public policy in relation to it. Wow, there is so much hullaballoo about Wikipedia- it's crazy. People suing Wikipedia over revelation of their sexual orientation on it and all kinds of privacy violations. Wikipedia is a host, isn't it? As far as I remember, it doesn't even have an editor. I usually like going to Wikipedia about trivial information like...I don't know, say searching for superheroines (halloween purposes). For that purpose Wikipedia was a ton of help. Gave me alphabetized list of superheroines, everything from Andromeda to Buttercup to Xena. Real help. Another purpose Wikipedia is good for is if you look at the sources cited, you can find some great...finds. So I am in the computer lab...class is at 6pm. I skipped database class today. Feel terrible about it but this paper needed some work. It's not the final paper, just four pages of the final paper. So not too terrible but just the whole task of researching about Wikipedia is very exhausting...I mean mentally. Anyways, had some very creamy (and not so tasty) tortellini at Sbarros (your source of uptown italian grub-NOT) and a breadstick totally soggified with oil. Oh and I started antibiotics beginning last night. I have this whole mucous situation again. And the weather is just busted....gray, cold, semi-icy rain, bad bad bad. Okay just wanted to drop a quick line in between papers, shmapers, coughs, classes and cold...ew that doesn't even go together. Whatever. I'm out.

Monday, November 5, 2007

BSA Variety Show

Went to the BSA Variety Show last night. First of its kind and it just makes me so proud that BSA has come such a long way. It only seems like yesterday when I was sitting among senators and watch BSA come forth and propose the club to be permanent. We got approved and the rest is BSA history. So anyways, last night the Variety show comprised of everything from belly dancing to hip hop dancing to traditional Bengali music. I hope they make this an annual thing and it will be so much bigger, inshaallah. Tilova sang very beautifully and all the other acts were brilliant too. They even had snacks during intermission, all for the fantastic price of $3...I'd pay more for an entertaining show like that. Okay I sound like a columnist now...that's not the intention. BSA is very close to me because I have watched it grow (during its second phase at least because it did exist before and then dissolved due to some circumstances).
Okay have to go to work now...work shmirk and then that paper to write.
PRISON BREAK and HEROES tonight. Yum!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A red saturday...

So Saturday was meant to be spent wearing glasses, sipping coffee and staring into the computer in awe of finishing my research paper. Well that happened for like a hot second. After that I went to the gym to release those toxins, stress and all the gunk associated with school work. Came home and then went back to doing the paper. After a while Gowri came over and asked if I was interested in helping her with her hair coloring project. I love girls night in so of course I said yes. We went to Tops, bought two boxes of Loreal Feria Auburn (absolutely beautiful color). Applied like one and half bottles of color to her hair and then slapped the rest on my hair since I didn't want to throw the rest. Now we both have maroon hair...well her's more evenly distributed than mine since I made sure I hit every spot on her gorgeous hair. I look like I just have a wash of red color on the top of my head. It was fun though...it's still fun. I am enjoying this color. After that hair coloring project we got sooo hungry so we went to Denny's and had some light food there. Gowri told me about her days in Switzerland when she was 9-10 and all the things she did there. I love listening to childhood stories- ton of fun. I poured my heart about my previous days at UB...wow seems so, so long ago. After that I came home...and worked on my paper for sometime but it was fun Saturday.
Yes its a Sunday and I am writing about Saturday...I'm such a dorkus.

Friday, November 2, 2007


After entering the surveys on the computer at work, I was off to the gym. A little treadmill was all this period and flu infested body could endure. I went into the sauna for a hot second. Someone once told me it helps lose water weight. Eh...don't know bout that. Anyhoo, walked home. Watched America's Next Top Model. Then Gowri came to pick me up...we went to Tops to shop the stuff she needed for making fried chicken for her baby love.
Then we came over to my place and then we entered what can be described as a 'Southern phenomena'. We made fried chicken, southern style. We seasoned the flour real welll and then seasoned the chicken also made a pool of buttermilk. How southern can you get? The result was ultra-crispy, ultra-juicy fried chicken. Mmmm...real good. We ate some pumpkin pie with vanilla ice-cream (gowri's sudden pumpkin pie craving kicked in as we are grocery shopping.)...That was phenomenal too. Off she went to Ryan's and I came back to find out that my time in the kitchen had only begun. My roommate is going to something called a 'hotpot' event. It's a dish that people prepare by putting anything and everything into a hotpot and cooking. I don't mean to sound demeaning or crazy by saying anything and everything. They put stuff like lots of meats, veggies and rice maybe and they all eat out of it together. Sounds like something I'd totally be up for. Angela then tells me that she is going to take a flan. I knew I just had to help her knowing that this was her first time attempting baking. I went to Tilova's (my other good friend who is a real great baker herself.) and borrowed her hand-held mixer. Then I went on to make the caramel coating for Angela's flan and then burnt my finger with some melted sugar on it. Okay, FYI, melted hot sugar realllyyyy hurts. A lot. Whooh! So anyways, she seems set now with her flan mixture and all. I am back to writing my paper that's due Tuesday. This is one of those papers that could make or break your class grade. Very petrified.
Now...I just want to lay down...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November is here? Oh Dear.



Oh me God! Its November already! Wow. Time really flies by fast. Super-fast. I am much, much, MUCH better today. Thank the Lord. For the third week a sub teacher came in for the Social Web Media class...my professor's wife just delivered a baby girl, hence the absence. After class, Gowri and I had some more tea. The little pumpkin has been sick too...this is like uber-get-sick season. Not fun. I have started this new thing, I put pepper into my tea to make my throat feel better. I also heard that any kind of pepper revs up your metabolism. Eh, could be just a whole load of crap. Its all in the head. Anyways, so after a half hour, we went to lab for database class. I like labs because then you can always do some browsing on the side. The naughty student that I am. But I do manage to catch up with all his SQL jargon so it's not bad.
After class I came home, ate some food...inhaled it again. I just get so, so hungry when its that time of the month. Its just weird. I get cravings for like something sweet and then like literally 2 seconds later I get a craving for something savory. Queer. Spent a good amount of time watching 'America's Next Top Model' on Mtv. Its the one where Yoanna wins...pretty old episodes. It's fun though watching their ultra creative photo shoots, the makeup, the hair and just the hullabaloo of them living together. I really like Yoanna...so pretty. I see these girls, all of them just gorgeous --but they are all so ridiculously insecure about themselves. Makes me want to chew my nails and pull my hair out all at the same time. Everyone has a reason.

I just ate some frosted flakes with milk. Yum. Now I am debating whether my eyebrows need further tweezing or are they bien?

Among other things, check out why Stephen Colbert was denied South Carolina primary run.
Argh I am hungry for some more food. Such a fatty.

P.S. I really need to some good quality smoky eye-shadows. Mulah where are ya?