Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A conversation

I boarded the North Campus shuttle today to go to Wegmans to get me all the things I need to make a turkey sandwich with cheese bread and sun-dried tomato pesto. Don't ask---I conjure up all kinds of recipes in my head. So anyhoo, I climbed up the shuttle and it was the lady (whose name I don't know) who I see all the time. She works horribly long shifts most of the time yet sports a dazzling smile all the time and maybe mumbles once in a while real low. So today, I was the only person on the shuttle. I asked her how she was doing and she told me how was tired because she works two jobs. That moment, seeing her eyes filled with tiredness and sadness, I couldn't help but ask her if she had any children and if they were old enough why weren't they taking care of her. This lady is 61 and I don't think anybody at that age should be working two jobs. She then smiled and was like ' American kids ain't like ya'll...they just grow up and leave'. I subtly tried not to agree because I believe a notion of that magnitude shouldn't be generalized or stereotyped. She continued, 'kids over here are too self-centered and individualistic and only think about themselves'. 'They want to heat up their lean cuisine dinners and eat stuff that can be made in a microwave.' 2 minutes and my stop had arrived. I got off the bus trying to make her feel better and she said 'its okay, I know all of them not like that, but most of them are.' I then walked to CVS to exchange some stuff. I then was getting ready to take the mall shuttle when julie called saying she was craving some gelato. We then went together to Wegmans. I am all happy now that I know I have my cheese bread, turkey and sun-dried tomatoes pesto sitting in the fridge. I also bought a block of parmesan cheese to add to my pasta dishes. I love real parmesan cheese. Its so much different from the instant kind. I need to stop talking about food. So anyways, going to take a shower now with eucalyptus oil and all. Yum.

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