Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and other stories...

Hello one and all! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!I am sure all those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving are stuffed upto their necks with amazing food! I had two dinners yesterday. The first one was at Julie's aunt's place in south buffalo (tier of south buffalo actually) where it was sooo snowed in compared to erie county (where I live). The drive was wonderful. It was as if we were entering winter wonderland. As we drove further into holland, the name of the town, everything started looking so quaint and small town like. It was beautiful. We arrived 40+ minutes later to a house full of Julie's wonderful relatives including her mom and two brothers and many more. The dinner was splendid. From beautiful carved turkey to home-grown mashed potatoes and home-grown acorn squash. It was delicious and we had a great dinner-table-discussion about several things. The dessert was amazing as well especially the candy apple pie, the one I can't absolutely get over. I also found a link with a similar recipe. Dobble whammy yummy! Seriously! The drive was beautiful as well...Julie showed me more of East Aurora (where the famous fisher price headquarters is). What a quaint little town. Beautiful with the snow lacing everything kind of like a white wedding dress adorned with string pearls. We hoped to grab some coffee somewhere together but everything was closed (duh its thanksgiving). Julie dropped me home and I heated up the mashed potatoes I made to take to Gowri's casa for dinner no. deux.

Peoples, not to sound narcissistic, I made some mean mashed potatoes. I added meanies like generous helpings of butter and heavy cream along with salt, pepper, garlic powder. Yummylicious! Gowri's brother made a beautiful turkey breast and auntie made some beautiful sides such as cut beans, glazed carrots, etc. After devouring yet another meal, I got the itis (itis means being full). We then lazed about on the couch and watched family guy clips and whatnot. Fun evening overall! My day was cast with a shadow of sadness due to the unrest in Mumbai. Oh and another sad story today, a wal-mart employee got killed today in stampede at a wal-mart store due to the overeager crowd for the black friday sale. Just amazingly annoyingly devastating. I never did the Black Friday thing and I don't think I ever will. And the freaking media needs to stop driving people nuts with huuge doorbuster sales at so and so place. Obviously theres a huge number of ppl who wait for this one day to do one years (or more) worth of shopping. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about this anymore. Just hope that this world stops using bombs and guns soon and also becomes less materialistic. Nuff said, time for the 40 winks. Night.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coupons shmoupons

So for all my lovely readers in the US, here some coupons for the holiday season (some actually expire soon so check them out soon!)I have some for my lovely out of US readers as well, but not that many :( sorry, but still love you all just as much :-D

$5 off any purchase at American Eagle Outfitters
$10 off $25 purchase at JCPenneys
25% off at Victoria's Secret on any single purchase (its in my email and I can't save it as an image so if you want it, let me know, I will forward it to you :)
10% off purchase on eBay, use code CHOLIDAYNOV2008 at checkout (expires 11/30)
15% off purchase on eBay, use code CHOLIDAYSAVE15P at checkout (this one I am not too sure about but try it out)

For more coupons, try or

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ring ting tingling..

Things I love to do:
~Browse at the seasonal holiday decorations in a mega-mart. Absolute therapy! Some of these christmas ornaments (in Walmart that I saw today) are just too delicious looking! and they're only $2 a pop. Nice present idea eh.
~ Looking forward to a fridge full of good food after waking up in the morning. Dork.
~ Watching snow fall from my window.
~ Staying up till wee hours of the night to make sure I catch the episode of family guy on adult swim (2:30am to be precise, hey I love my family guy!)
~ Putting makeup on and trying out different techniques and methods. Today I tried something my sweeties nora and tilova donned during mahrin's wedding, wearing teal liner in the waterline (or outside the waterline). I don't have teal eyeliner at the mo so I just went with teal eyeshadow. It looks pretty neat.
~ Doing exercises with free weights in front of the tv watching 70s show.
~ Using dishwasher soap for cleaning kitchen counters. and other stuff. its a miracle liquid.
~ Making lists like these. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Okay, so I was just reading my couple previous posts and they have been so boring cos I kinda stopped writing in detail. I mean what is going on? Definitely not writer's block...maybe lazy-person-who'd-rather-see-whats-new-on-facebook block! Anyways, so what's been up man? Its snowing outsidee!!! I went on-campus to the post office to mail out a few thank you and happy holidays cards! Argh it was so cold. Still is. My ears probably fell off. I dunno. The whole transition from summer to fall then fall to winter can sometimes be a little tumultuous but nonetheless is a part of life. So I've not been working out simply because I don't feel like it. Mahrin's wedding was a big motivating factor and although I didn't work out as much as I would have liked to prior to that, I did do some. So my hair is so short (for me). I can't put it up with a claw clip, I can't braid it, argh! I guess I am going to have to wait for it to grow. I was watching food network today and all the gazillion recipes of oven roasted turkey, stuffing, candied yams, green beans (i like to call them haricot verts) and more was making my mouth water! I love thanksgiving food but it also induces thanksgiving coma (the drowsy, sluggish, sleepy feeling you get after consuming copious amounts of wholesome food). I miss mommy, daddy and sissy a lot! I want to go home. It's time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So whats new

Sooo I am back in b-to-the-lo-hello (buffalo) as you can guess. The trip back was fun with rinmeister's parents. Its been raining and cold here...I am enjoying it(*evil grin*). Mkay, so lets see whats been happening. Nothing much. Getting very bogged down with the job situation. I mean its been a while now and I am losing patience. The only thing that makes me happy these days is food. Lots of it. Btw, I bought back so much food with me from new york. All fo mee!!! yay! fridge looks so beautiful now with all the kababs, sweets, shrimps, etc. etc.! Um what else? I am so out of it. I need to eat something.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

mahrin and tawheeds wedding

Oh my god I had the most wonderful weekend ever! Attended Mahrin's gaye holud (pre-wedding celebration) and her wedding! Everything was just perfect. It was well-planned, well-executed just well overall! I never attended a wedding here in the united states before this one. Thank you so much Mahrin for inviting me and making me a part of this joyous occassion. Okay, I am trying not to start another toast or speech here lol. Mahrin looked absolutely gorgeous---the makeup was perfect, the hair was perfect, the dress was perfect and I can just go on. Us girls were in tears when she entered the hall underneath a red veil being held by the cute bridesmaids. So beautiful! I am posting a picture of the gorgeous couple here for you all to see. This girl is a gem and not to mention the wonderful man she is married to. Tawheed is such a nice guy and has the cutest smile ever! He looked spiffy in his white suit and traditional turban. *sigh* May god bless the two lovebirds!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Happy Obama everyone! I am in nyc, came here yesterday with Mahrin and her family. Mahrin's wedding is this weekend hence my trip to nyc. I am so many things are happening, an excellent man has been elected president (yes, I too like historians am worrying in bits whether he will be able to live up to the ginormous expectations but hey let's enjoy the victory and worry a day later) and Mahrin's getting married this weekend. Fun fun fun...I got a haircut today at a russian barber shop for 12 measly dollars. yeah. he cut my hair felt like childhood times, when daddy would take me and sis to barber shops and we'd get a quick cut boy style. lol. more later.