Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day of Reminiscence

So today was a wonderful day. Spent most of it with my dear Gowri. She picked me up in the afternoon and off we were to her place to just hang out low-key for the day. After numerous interesting stories, several licks by Mr. Ginobili (Gowri's cute pomeranian) and a while of lazing around, we decided to go to WalMart to get a few things. Soon after we were out of WalMart, we decided to go...brace yourselves...on-campus! You know, the reason I make it such a big deal is because it all comes with the terrotiry of being a graduate, alumnus, or ex-student of a certain school. You don't want to be seen or heard there in case someone sees you and wonders 'what is she still doing here?'. I know that this isn't the best attitude to move forward in life with but hey, somethings can't be changed. So anyways, the reason we went on-campus was mainly to go to CVS because we didn't find what we were looking for (skin-care stuff)in WalMart. As we entered the familiar zone with now many unfamiliar faces, memories, good and bad came gushing back to our minds. Those breaks we used to take at Sbarros over a slice of pizza (or ziti) between classes or those long hours we spent in the gray (sometimes musty smelling) computer labs where everyone is on facebook. So back to now, we entered CVS where they have rearranged everything totally. There's even a Tim Hortons in the student union. I live for Timmy's and it couldn't have come a little earlier? Anyways, we found our items at CVS and then we decided to grab a bite in Burger King (where the lady who has been working there before the wheel was invented kept dragging the chairs against the gritty tile floors while we tried to enjoy our generously oil-drenched fries). Soon we went to Starbucks (like we hadn't eaten enough already to use wifi). Gowri got some work done while I sipped on my organic chocolate milk (because that was the cheapest cold milky drink in starbucks lol). It was good. The sun had set completely by now and we were on our way now for an impromptu gathering with Julie and Delisa at Paneras for some chatting session. Soon that was done too and I came home, ate a peach and am now writing this.

( This entry has been written so in a style I used to follow 13 years ago when every entry had to be made sound like a bedtime story in my scented, pink colored, heart-shaped diary that had a lock and key lol.)

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Whats with girls and pink.. ? LoL