Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just what I thought...

So right before starting this blog I said to myself "I will not leave this blog unwritten for more than a week or 2 weeks" and look what happened. I did just that. I just don't feel like writing these days and I know thats not a good thing, so today, I promised that I would put a few words here about what I have been upto. My current mission is to lose alll (well not all but some) of the weight I have gained in the last 7 months. I didn't realize it until I came here and my mom and sister told me how big I got. All my jeans and pants are laying happily inside the closet, folded and everything. They don't fit. I need to stop losing and gaining weight all the time. I need to keep it off in a stable manner but as a girl, its hard. Emotions and all kinds of stuff take over and the only place where I can find solace is the fridge. So anyways, I have started doing some exercising but my body's gotten so rigid that a few moves and I am sore as a ...throat? I don't know, I need to really straighten up my act and get into shape. I am turning 26 and I don't want to look 36. Argh. So thats the physical fitness part. I am loving the weather in Oman now...the rain, the semi-cool breeze, the sun...the mixture is great, considering I came from layers and layers of blistering stark white. I saw a movie last night that I had but didn't get the time to watch, The Constant Gardener. Ah, what an amazing movie! I was in shambles after it ended. Its worth watching. Okay so I will write more soon, until then, take care:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

A long post...hopefully!

Its been 10 days since I have landed in Oman yet all my toiletries, makeup, trinkets, etc. are in quart-sized ziploc bags lying on top of the living room table. I still have my carry-on with all my other trinket-y kind of stuff in it, half open somewhere by the couch. I need to realize that my now my new home lol. Ugh---this is what happens when you don't write in a long time, you forget how to. As for my bedding, I didn't mention this but for the last 3 years I have been (I was) sleeping on a futon mattress (which I dearly loved and dearly miss). Its been that long since my back has slept on those move-with-your-every-motion spring mattress. So right now, while there's 2 beds waiting for me, I have laid out myself a mattress on the living room floor and while my parents have to live with astonishment everyday, I am happy with my arrangement lol. I guess old habits die hard! I've been cooking a lot--not a surprise I guess. So one thing that is annoying me by its and bits is the fact that I can't browse online to my hearts content. Why you ask? Although we have Broadband at home, our monthly bill increases depending on data downloaded. And by download I mean visiting blogs with a gazillion pictures to opening a simple attachment. So yeah---bummer there. I am sticking to things like limited facebook, excessive gmail and moderate blog-reading. I am browsing jobs online too. But other than minor issues like limited internet browsing, everything is good. Ma got very, very sick recently and she still is. Its viral and its mimicking symptoms of dengue, typhoid, etc. and although it hurts me to see her in pain, I am glad I am right here, by her side to look after her. Hope she heals soon :) Oman is a quiet, quaint place and very very clean. I love the fact that we get these small red onions here, fresh grated coconut at your fingertips and best of all, a line to dry your clothes crisp in the sun.

But, I do miss Buffalo and my little room and the little window.

Monday, March 2, 2009

In Oman

So fellas and fellis,
I am in Oman now!
Got here 2 days ago. Its nice to be back :)
My trip to Bangladesh was mighty fine as i got to attend my wonderful cousin Shababs wedding! I wouldn't have it missed it for the world! The weather did a number on me (hot, humid, bugs, stench, the works!) but I enjoyed the fact that I got to meet my relatives after a while! More coming soon! Stay healthy and happy!
P.s. I just came off azithromycin so have some real bad cramps and stuff associated with the med.