Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My favorite fictional romantic characters*

*not in any particular order

1. Matt Flamhaff, 13 going on 30: This character was played by Mark Ruffalo (one of my faves) and he is shown as a photographer who is this really sweet, down-to-earth, unpopular-in-school kind of guy who has an overgrown classic cut and is always sporting a smile no matter what. I guess you all saw the movie and know how the story goes, but the part I liked most was the pink house that he builds for Jenna for her 13th birthday.

2. Michael Scofield, Prison Break: This character is played by the scrumptious Wentworth Miller. His character is that of being sacrificing, altruistic and selfless with an extraordinary amount of intelligence (they refer to it as low-latent inhibition). He is shown as this really serious, quiet, guy with close-shaven haircut, but you know he is a true romantic just by seeing his love for Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies)

3. Noah Calhoun, The Notebook: This character was played by Ryan Gosling. I was so attracted to his character. At the beginning of the movie, he comes off as one of those street-smart, sleazy kind of guys but as the movie progresses, you see how beautiful a person he is and he cannot get over the girl he fell in love with one summer when he was merely in high school. The ending is rather sad, but if one were to have a character such as him in real life, no problem would seem too big.

4. Robbie Turner, Atonement: This character was played by James McAvoy. This tear-jerker made me twitch and turn after the night I'd watched it and a couple more. He is shown as a poor boy who has big dreams and goals and ultimately is put in a very difficult situation for which he wasn't responsible. Although, the romance between him and cecilia (Kiera Knightley) is not shown for most of the movie, you see the hardships he faces but keeps that love so strong in his heart. Beautiful.


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