Saturday, April 25, 2009

Work shmirk

So one of my research assistant position requires me to assist with a conference to be held in January 2010 on Salinity issues in Arid regions. I made a poster today at work using powerpoint lol. Dorkus central.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Long time again I see. So my friend Julie from Buffalo came to visit me here in Oman this past week. She left yesterday and it was a fun week! We did as much as we could in the week that she was here. From tasting authentic turkish food to taking long strolls in the beach, we did all the things she wanted to. Now that she is gone, I have to go back to work. I am so tired because it has gotten so hot here. The true color of Oman: scorching hot! I still haven't lost any weight. I have gotten so darn tan these few days, its annoying the crap out of me. I am not one of those people who loves fair skin but I like my controlled tan. Now I am like 4 shades darker than I actually am. I am trying things like grated cucumber but to no avail. Hopefully my original color will return. I am lazy right now so will write more later.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The pic is from when I went shopping with the mom and dad this past Thursday. Yuck look at my hair and my fat face, belch! Check out my sweet mom though :-)
I forgot to mention here that I am currently using the phone I was using in the US, the timid blackberry pearl. A dear friend ordered the unlock code and I got it to work and all but the bluetooth function won't let me accept any file transfers. I can send files to other people but not the other way around. So i thought, okay let me transfer the pictures of my phone to my laptop. So I attempted to set up the bluetooth on my laptop and couldn't do that. I know that I am not completely technologically retarded considering I have a masters in informatics. So anyways, I still don't know whats going on. I am pretty sure its something little and I promise to find it out by the end of today. So other than bluetooth issues I haven't been upto much. Isn't it so annoying when you've moved to a different place and then you get an email about a job interview from the old place? Yes it happened to me and although I was happy, I was waiting for that call for sooo long and the HR manager told me it wouldn't be around february before they could do anything. Well, they mailed me like a week ago. It was a business intelligence position at a really good consulting firm in Buffalo. I don't want to mention names and such here but yeah, missed out on a good thing:) I haven't really started job hunting here yet. I am doing a part-time stint at a really good government university here called the Sultan Qaboos University but in the mean time I will my eye open for other things. I also got an offer from a really good university in Bangladesh but truth be told, the idea of moving to Bangladesh is not too heart-warming, considering the current state of the country. I love Bangladesh, it is much, much more fun than Oman but there is no safety there unless you've lived there all your life and know the tricks of the trade. Anyways, so that's whats been happening. My weight loss plan hasn't taken off yet. Ate out 4 days in a row lol. *yawn* today might go for some aerobics in the evening. Half the time though I am laughing there, the instructor yells out in arabic and english and it just sounds funny lol. But it is a mighty good workout. Okay, soooo I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona and I looooooooooved it! Penelope Cruz gave her best performance ever and now I know that, that Oscar was well-deserved. I absolutely adore Javier Bardem as well. He's like so big and scruffy gruffy in a lion sort of way, lol but very handsome. Okay, nuff chat for now, need to find out whats for lunch :) Stay beautiful evryone