Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing times...

There was a time long ago...well actually just 7 years ago when I used to think very differently about many things. Here they are in no particular order:
-I used to think the uber-american idiom 'I need my space' was so over-rated. I used to wonder why would anyone (people in all kinds of relationships) need space. They should just need each other every moment. Well I was wrong and I realized with the various experiences in my life, time and of course age.
-I used to ponder why people would eat sun-dried tomato pesto on organic rye crackers when they could just eat regular tomatoes Why people would eat soy bars with soy milk instead of regular cereal with milk? We-ell, yesterday me bought me some soyjoy bars because I love them so much and of course totally understand the sun-dried tomato thing. Have gotten sucked into the culture of ultra-sophisticated pretentious sounding food. Hey, they taste good.
-I used to wonder why men and women have such different thinking and acting mechanisms. That hasn't changed however, I still don't know whats going in each of the gender's heads.

Many people would resent and question why I felt the way I did. Well, to each her own. But the reason I have had marked changes in my ideologies is because I changed countries. I used to live in the Eastern Hemisphere and now I live in the Western Hemisphere. Over here people eat a lot of cheese and use toilet paper when they cry.

Anyways, right now I am watching Ugly Betty, totally catching up on the missed episodes while munching on cherries. I just gave myself a pedi a minute ago with a foot bath and all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sleepy all the time...

...why? Because so much has happened in so little time.
Went to New York, Mommy left, came back from New York all in a flash.
Every corner of my apartment reminds me of her now. How she used to wait for me everyday after work with cooked meals. How she used to clean the kitchen spankin clean. How she used to lay out all her magazines and other reads besides the bed. How she used to watch the Travel Channel non-stop. Okay, let me stop before I get too emotional.
Back to the same old. Work, sleep, food, tv--not necessarily in that order but those things are what are predominant in my life. I did have a swell time in new york and must say rosy auntie is awesome. She took us around and showed us a really good time. Okay thats all for now, gotta take a shower. Have this hair mask treatment on thats getting dry...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

T00t T00t...

You know how a school campus becomes at the end of the school year? Like a ghost-town. And the ever-changing weather with frequent bouts of cloudy skies doesn't help either. I am working in the Admissions Office till the end of May, which is just around the corner. I walk to school (work) and back every day with decreasing enthusiasm. The fact that I come home to mommy is like a whiff of fresh, fragrant air. She has cooked many of my favorite things these past few days that she has been here...nothing lavish. A simple curry chicken, curry beef, rice, hand-made bread, etc. Gosh I will miss her. I get along very well with her (knock on wood) and that's why it is so hard for me to see her leave in a few days. We are leaving for new york city tomorrow afternoon by train. Wow, haven't been on a train in a while. Seems like an adventure---my life's very un-adventurous so an 8-hour train ride seems pretty exciting.
By the way, the amount of weight I have put on since mommy's come is ghastly. We've been eating so much but then again I am one of those people who like to eat copious amounts of food when I am tres comfortable. However, all those big bites are settling down very comfortably on my, ahem, hips. Okay, got to wake up tomorrow and be all fresh for the train ride.
-Gotta stop eating these ritz crackers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May God Rest All the Souls in Peace

Bloggy woggy,
Pardon the sudden disappearance. So much has happened over the last week and putting it all here is just not possible.
May 9th was Commencement and while the weather held up very nicely that day, some other things didn't. My favorite aunt, baby khala, passed away. Still seems surreal to me and still seems like she is still alive. I try not to think about it but its hard. Even at work, I am overcome by this sudden freeze and I can't work anymore. She is the reason I am in this world today. Here's a secret, when my mom conceived, a lot of people didn't want another baby yet. She was the one who told my mom to keep me. And I didn't ever get to thank her properly. The cons of staying outside of the motherland.
The rest of the days since then have been very hard. Maa and I stay awake till wee hours in the morning, unable to sleep, think or rest. Hope the Almighty will pull us through this.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Upside down smile = sad clown

Way too much stuff going on to put on here, but i can do a brief summary:
Mom's been here 11 days now and I must say it makes me very, very happy that she is here and I am not sleeping in a dark empty room.
We have gone to many places from the malls to niagara falls.
Mom's brother from canada was here with aunt and the two kids. It was an awesome weekend.
I miss them, *tear*.
Robbie came yesterday:)
---um yeah, I am not in writing mood so much.
Some stuff still bothering me and once again can't be mentioned here.