Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top 15 fall looks

So, I know I am a little useless at times and this is a useless post but I entered this contest for a fall (the season) look at yummiebitez's blog. The picture was actually taken after I came back from dinner (iftar) at my friends house so my makeup wasn't as crisp as when I had left the house and kind of wore off by 12 midnight! But hey, she chose me among her top 15! Yay! So all my lovely readers, please vote for me on that post !(all you have to do is comment on the post). If you like someone elses look, vote for that person :-D. I hope its me though :-D/ Here is the link to the post.

P.S. Please don't enlarge this can see the hideous skin condition I have. All I have been using ever since my nasty skin situation is mineral makeup which provides very bad coverage but is supposed to be better skin-wise than my MAC studio fix.


Lost-in-thought said...

Send me one of those green tea ice-creams, and the votes will start to flow .. :)

Vanessa said...

lovely look!

Karen said...

wow nice look.
can u please tell me what products u have used on your eyes and cheeks.
i love the blush and let me know the names of these products.thank you.

vanillasmush said...

Hi Karen,

Glad you liked the look :) Here are all the products I used:

Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan
Everyday Minerals Golden Medium
Everyday Minerals concealer in intensive light
Clinique pressed powder in stay golden

Marks and spencer eyebrow pencil in dark brown
Urban decay pp
lancome e/s couture
lancome e/s gaze
victoria's secret eyeshadow in champagne
l'oreal e/s lush raven
rimmel glam eyes mascara in very black
bourjois liquid eyeliner in black
revlon luxurious liner in black velvet

Everyday minerals blush in corner office

victoria's secret lipliner in spice it up
nyx black label lipstick in dusty rose

Karen said...

thank you so much for are the best :)
the thing is i have started using make up recently so i am intimadated by putting on a lot of make up.
so if i had to use only one eye make up from the ones you have mentioned to get that silvery look on your eyes which one should i use?