Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Girls Only :)

So, ever since I learned to put liquid eyeliner on (which was when I was 13), I have been hooked onto the art of makeup and beautifying oneself. Don't kill me for saying this (because it's not me saying it), but ever since I was little, I was always referred to as the 'one with nice personality but not great looks'. No, I don't have any weird complexes or all that jazz. I am fine. But hey, when there are relatives saying things like that, it does take a toll on you. So I have always been a few pounds overweight and not so milky white in complexion (god bless america for having so much love for olive and tan skin) but that doesn't make me completely worthless does it? So, back to the eyeliner initiation phase...I slowly found a tweezer somewhere in the house and started playing with that and then discovered an eyebrow pencil to fill in my like-a-chicken-without-feathers kind of eyebrows to give them more definition and frame my face better. Slowly, I learned how using two different shades of eyeshadow helps giving depth and dimension to eyes. I didn't quite know how then (probably 16 by now). I mean now I know theres a crease brush, smudger brush, etc. Anyways, as time went by and the internet took over, I watched celebrities closely and tried to copy their looks but to no avail. What did help me learn a bunch of tricks of the trade was actually the internet. Makeup bloggers and youtube beauty channels have been flooding cyberspace for a while now and as a result I have learnt a majority of the tricks. I must warn though that I haven't applied all those tricks to myself yet...little to scared to deviate from the real me. But here's a few things that I wanted to write down here that can take you from boring to va-va-voom. I've placed WINNER next to the things that make big that-guy-finally-noticed-you kind of difference.

1) Eyebrows done (threaded, waxed, tweezed, etc.) and filling them in with a pencil in case they are scanty. (WINNER)
2) Layered hair-cut with side-swept bangs
3) Discreet yet visible honey or caramel highlights. (WINNER)
4) Smooth and volumized hair with loose curls but smooth not frizzy
5) Getting a pair of colored contact lenses (opens up your eyes) (WINNER)
6) Eyelash curler to curl lashes (opens up eyes)
7) A really heavy duty black mascara. (WINNER)
8) False lashes for extra shabam.

And thats it, those are the main things. I've never done all of that at once. I did have colored contacts at one point, highlights at another. Now, I am just trying to reach my zen place by not doing too much. I play enough with makeup already and I think thats deviating enough from my true self. But then again in this fixated-on-outside-looks world, all those things do make differences. I am not a guru on the subject but I have done enough research from online sources,beauticians and the like for a while. So all those girls who are tired of being too normal or too boring...try one of those things. I am pretty sure I could look much better if I did all those things and lost 50 pounds. Dang will that day ever come? :-D. Oh tidbit: Went to gym today after 3 months almost!

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