Saturday, March 29, 2008


Finished with paper. Now, the worst part: Waiting for evaluation. Hope he is kind and nice to all of us. Now capstone seriousness begins! Wow---theres like 2 weeks remaining and so much to be done. Wowee...
Last night was spent doing what I like most...staying indoors, watching tv and eating warm food. Mmmm...I was watching a bit of Transporter 2. Whats up with that guy only playing those kind of rushy rushy, flashy car driving, adrenaline pumped roles? I would like to see him do a romantic comedy---that would be interesting. I had made some kababs or kebobs, however you spell it on Thursday and they turned out pretty good. I made them with ground chicken. I know I know not too crazy about ground chicken but if you spike it with tons and tons of spices like fresh garlic, fresh ginger, fresh parsley and coriander, jalapenos, spices, etc. it turns out pretty good. And then I also made a yogurt dressing for dipping. Its very similar to tzatziki sauce, except we call it raita and we add cumin powder, coriander leaves to the mix along with the garlic and lemon juice. Okay nuff of food discussion. I have some major spring cleaning to do around the house ! Time to get working =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Way too much goin on...

and what I mean by that is----I am:
Couple of days away from Bill's paper submission
20 days away from capstone project submission
28 days away from MOMMY coming!
A month away from capstone defense
A month and two weeks away from commencement!

Yup...thats exactly what I mean. Out of all the things mentioned above, I am most excited about mommy making the big trip to Buffalo for graduation. I can't wait to go sightseeing, shopping, eating, etc. with her. She's the coolest person to hang out with.
Anyways, speaking of now---just got back from school. Okay, major revelation. I detest rain more than anything else.. Snow is soo much better. I was waiting for the shuttle forever! Got so drenched and having just gotten off of antibiotics, I am so scared I am going to get sick again. Oh got Mahrin's engagement invitation in the mail today. *tear*...mad people get engaged, married, babies, etc. I am feeling so the only one (of course gowri you are there to keep me company in the unmarried zone). And then there's parental pressure, societal pressure, etc. It feels so weird. Anyways, gonna take a nap now. Peace@

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"You jump, I jump"

Yesterday: Watched Clueless (Tbs), Perfect Man, Titanic (TNT)
Today: Watched Clueless (Tbs), Perfect Man, Titanic (TNT)

Titanic tears me up every time. I am so emo---I cry for every little thing.

Yes, I know my life is very exciting. Well, they're showing '13 going on 30' on FX so thats something new. I have had this weird stomachace for 4 days now. I don't know whats the cause. I have been lazing on my bed every now and then in between writing my paper. I just made some ginger tea because Robbie was telling me over the phone how ginger helps with indigestion. Sweetheart! I am so sick already of waiting for spring. When is spring going to be here? Nuff of cold, cold and cold. Although I must admit, its much better sleep when it's cold outside. As soon it starts to warm up, nightime turns to torturetime.

I made this arabic dessert today---basboosa. It's like this cake kind of thingmajig made of semolina, coconut, butter, sugar. You bake it and then pour a lemony-sugar syrup on top of it and wait for it to soak it. Turned out pretty alright. But I can't eat because of the stomach roar. Oh, another sad tidbit---I am allergic to mushrooms but I LOVE mushrooms. Such a sad revelation.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sparks- Coldplay

Did I drive you away?
I know what you'll say
You'll say, "Oh, sing one we know"
But I promise you this
I'll always look out for you
That's what I'll do

I say "oh"
I say "oh"

My heart is yours
It's you that I hold on to
That's what I do
And I know I was wrong
But I won't let you down
(Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah I will, yes I will…)

I said "oh"
I cry "oh"

Yeah I saw sparks
Yeah I saw sparks
And I saw sparks
Yeah I saw sparks
Singing out

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some rice, chicken and dal

Yeah I am much better now. Almost 100% better. Thank you God! I have finished organizing all the information for my paper. The 20 page one. Now I just have to make it all flow together and make it sound cohesive. Its such a great feeling---being well and able. Maybe I was taking good health a little too much for granted, I don't know...anyways, really grateful to God for getting me through this. It's nice and sunny outside. It has been nice for the last few days and although that means good times outside the house, means feeling hot inside the house. Last night for instance, I turned the AC on but it was giving out hot air. Probably because the heater was on not too long ago. Or maybe because the complex people haven't turned on the AC's yet...yeah they have weird controlling system. So I didn't sleep that well last night as a result. I am very sleepy now...very. Hmmm...what to do? Maybe a little bitty nap won't hurt. I am still on antibiotics until tomorrow so maybe that's another reason why I am feeling fatigued.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Robbie The To-Be Lawyer

Being far, far away in Florida--you have been a wonderful source of support for me.
Sorry for all the late night, early morning, bizarre timing calls! You never get angry--- come on already! I feel bad that you are always having to see or rather hear me get sick all the time. I promise I will try not to get sick again any time soon...but you know with my immunity. I am such a weakling.
Thank you for finding my insurance thingy from the HTH student website--you did it super-quick. What would I have done without your help? You are a wonderful friend and a whole lot more. Thank you dude =)

A very sick week...

This week (and still going on) has been a very painful one. Remember how I thought it was strept throat...well it wasn't. I went to the doctor again 2 days ago and this is what she said. I got some sort of a throat infection whose symptoms are mimicking those of mononucleosis and the doctor gave me medication for the same. I have never had this before and let me tell you, this hurts a lot. More than strept throat, flu, etc. I am 40% better today. It is a relief. Anyways, could have been much worse and Thank God I am on the way to recovery already.
I miss mom and dad and how they look after me when I am sick. They know it all without me even saying a word. But this time, it was Atanu who posed to be my mom, dad and more. He was my go to person. My on-call man with no hesitations. Thank you so much students can be busy and you never let that get in the way. I have only one person to thank for my recovery and thats you. You are the sweetest friend who knows no boundaries and has the highest level of empathy I have ever seen. And listen Atu, don't ever say that you don't know anything about relationships , you know more than a lot of'd be amazed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank are an angel in disguise, prayer to demise and a man very wise. Thank you.
Now, lets root for the the other 60% recovery.
Of course Gowri, my parents, etc. thanks for your love and concern....:)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Me sick!

Okay, so last four days have been rather unpleasant for more reasons than one. The throat bug is here and it is here to stay. Let me reiterate all the various remedies I have tried in no particular order:

1) Made some Citrus Green Tea with Marigold petals (thats the flavor of the tea) and added some ground black pepper for some zing. Didn't do much.
2) Boiled a quart of water and upon coming to a boil, added a tablespoon of Vicks Vaporub. Inhaled the concoction until it burned my spicy these things. Comme ci comme ca.
3) Made some more green tea and this time added cayenne pepper. Wow...very zingy. But kind of soothes that itchy, burning sensation of the throat. Mind you this was done at 5:30am this morning.
4) Took two sprays of Rhinocort nasal spray. Don't ask why. I have a very retarded upper respiratory system where one glitch is related to another.
5) Then the age-old classic: Gargling with saline solution. So lazy to gargle.
6) Gave my nose a saline wash. This time I added some soda bicarb to the salt solution as this is supposed to help provide nourishment to the nose. Go figure. This was prescribed by my doctor.
7) Inhaled some eucalyptus essential oil and smeared it on my forehead, nose, neck, etc. By now, I smell like an apothecary.

Anyways, so thats the story about my tonsils giving me the boot. I am defrosting a piece of chicken breast so will make some chicken soup later. You know when you're sick, you don't feel like doing anything. Okay, bet all of you knew that. Okay take care of me. Ta

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Severe Thanks

World news:
1) Obama Wins Wyoming Caucuses - Surprise, surprise :)
2) Democrats Criticize Bush's CIA-Bill Veto
3) Malaysia wakes to new political landscape
4) Eight arrested in probe of Jewish seminary attack
Courtesy: Google News


My news:
1) Temperature outside: -8°C, Feels Like -17°C




Okay, just wanted to put that out there so you know how exciting this particular Saturday night is! Althought I really want to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty for keeping me warm, safe and free of vehicular mishaps. My heart goes out to all those who had to/ having to deal with skidding cars and all kinds of icy-weather-related annoyances. But seriously, heartfelt thanks to the great one above---having a well-heated apartment, food to eat, clothes to wear are sometimes taken too much for granted by all of us.

Daylight saving time officially ended tonight---sad but true. Right this minute, watching 2am turn into 3am is painful. Sleep time- yay!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I am on a much needed sabbatical leave --from facebook so please pardon the sudden disappearance! Many of you are conjuring up all kinds of notions in your heads and have asked me about why I did so. Well, just been spending too much time on Facebook and some other reasons. But anyhoo, I am not miserable...okay, maybe a little!
Hope everyone is doing great and going to enjoy their spring breaks, mid-semester breaks and whatever their life is going to bring so forth.
I am fine, just fine :) Thank you for all the concern and love everyone. I feel very honored. Very.

::And God---I have always loved you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just tired. Just tired. Just tired.
Of everything. everything. everything...

No, this isn't my breaking point. I am sure there are worse things that could happen to me like get run over by a truck. But, seriously, after sometime it gets brutally annoying living life in the 'clause' lane with all the 'ifs'. 'buts' and 'someone is always suffering more than you'. Enough of that.
I am a lonely person, and the people who should be cuddly-dooing me, are not and it hurts. I am so sick of being treated like a man. I am constantly feeling like a lesser being and when random people are telling me something positive about my looks or personality, I look at them like they are speaking yiddish. Really. It's funny actually but I never considered myself to be a uber-hip, pretty, all-rounded girl who has everything going for her. Never. Sure, frown upon it but its true. I am trying to be very open with my feelings tonight because I realized that none of that metaphorical innuendo was doing it for me. Not sure if this is doing it for me.---well at least its some kind of a wake-up call seeing it typed out. I hope it is. Then there's the thesis/capstone stress. A little over a month away from my defense and I have jack prepared. Bill's paper--- don't even want to articulate whats on my mind regarding that. The rent going up suddenly---bills, bills, bills. And here's a final confession---I have never gone on spring break. Always been here in the ruff buff doing my thing...this time too, I am staying here, going to be working and doing school work...Oh and I have gained weight, my hips are ginormous but you know what, I don't care---no one cares. Wow, I am really pissed tonight, am'nt I ? Argh I just want to go home to my mommy so she can hug me and keep me warm in her arms. No one cares like mommy (for me at least)... Sometimes I wish I was 5 and could be home, playing with my kitchen set and watch mighty mouse. I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want the American dream. I am not American. I just want some appreciation for being who I am --and not getting that even a bit can be quite painful. Now I shall go to bed, hyperventilate and grit my teeth and do all the numerous stress-related stuff I do until I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
Everyone, this by no means was a call for sympathy. I am just writing things that I should confront for my own good...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me and drawing...

Did I ever mention that I used to be an ardent drawer/painter/crafty person? Yeah ever since my five fingers could draw...I drew everything from trees, to shoes to everything--- up until a nasty thing called college came in between. I mean every time I go back home, I paint up a mean fort, a forest or something with oil paints that look all complicated (mom chooses what to paint---something that would look nice enough to put up in the living room). But as a person, I love making floral designs. Those really intricate ones...I am not that good at it but its like an outlet for me. To release all kinds of pent up emotions in me...Gowri knows how much I love to doodle in class, we both do it quite a lot. Well, used to---now that we don't have any sit-down classes anymore, no more doodling. So anyways, back in the doodling days, I always chose to draw complicated flowers, designs, etc. instead of doodles. Love that word---doodle. And today at work when I was doing something simple like striking an old address off an inter-agency envelopes, just the very feeling of the wet marker against the surface of the envelope revoked that 'artist's' desire in me again. Thing is, I don't have any painting or drawing equipment here with me. But for starters, I could always do some drawings at the back of some notebook with a semi-satisfying ball point pen or maybe even with one of those bic or papermate pens.
Among other things, I have been feeling a little ill lately. Dizzy, vertigo, dizzy, etc. I am one of those people who stress way too much and can't stop stressing. And the thing is, I usually don't show it so people don't know that I am stressed. I am so stressed that I have to (can't believe I am doing this in public space), wear a night guard at night to stop from gritting my teeth. Yes, I grit my teeth at night and the orthodontist said that it was nothing but stress. So to stop me from grinding my teeth away, the nice doctor took an impression of my lower jaw and gave it to me. I don't always remember to wear it but I try to remember once in a while. So annoying to sleep with devices in your mouth...thought I was done with all that like a while ago.
My cycle is running a little longer than usual this time and maybe that's why I am not feeling good. A little laying down will do me some good now...
Oh Oh amazing response from the recruitment email and although my sample size is 10, I got responses from like 30 people...Isn't that awesome? I did my first interview today with a nice gentleman from the Chem Engg dept. What a nice fella. Gave me all his time, no questions asked. Such nice people in this world...good feeling.
Okay lay down time

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Holy Pink Pagoda.

Saturdays Shmaturdays...

Well last night was not a blast. People right above me partied till real late and you could actually hear them talking, giggling and being underage. It was just too loud and I was irking in pain---period pain that is. So you can imagine, yet another night of 40 winks. Just a lot of hyperventilating and all. Anyhoo,
I made some mean eggs this morning. I put onion, jalapeno, tomatoes, portabello mushrooms parmigiano reggiano, milk, salt, and pepper. Wow, almost like a frittata. Toasted a few slices of bread and inhaled it all while watching this movie called 'The Little Black Book'. Sub par performances by Brittany Murphy and the likes. Moral of the movie: Don't look through your boyfriend's palm pilot. After that I attempted working on that Wikipedia paper. The paper that is taking over my life in a leech sort of a way. Queer. Then I started rummaging through my stuff looking for the ferofol tabs (folic acid + iron) that Maa always packs for me in the little meds bag she makes. I need to take these tabs because I am a little anemic and when its this time of the month, let's just say its very hard not to look blue. Found them and also found the OPI Nail Lacquer that Nora gave for my birthday last year. The shade is a very bright pink with silver microshimmer, yes I can be discreetly descriptive. The shade's called 'Holy Pink Pagoda'. Put that on and now I am looking at my pudgy fingers and they look like a five year old's hands. Oh well, its something unique to me, this whole pudginess or as Naima would like to call it, 'baby fatness'. Oh and then I cooked some salmon for later. I made it curry style...I usually bake it with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. A la Mediterranean style. But this time I put a curry twist on it and put tomatoes, turmeric, cumin, chillies, etc. Not too shabby. Okay, I need to stop talking about food. A mini rant, those Glade plug-ins that used to run for $5 a year ago or something are now like $2.47 at Wal Mart. They are so so bad, gives me a headache every time I plug it in because they are so strong and pierce through your nose into your brain. The scent I got is the Vanilla and Jasmine but to me it smells like roach medicine. No wonder they are so cheap now. I think Hawaiian Breeze is better although very strong as well...End of complaint.
Okay, time to work...