Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arabian style biryani

So today, I decided to make some biryani but not your traditional, run-of-the-mill biryani (well, mainly because I can't lol). I had some cut up pieces of chicken breast from before so I marinated them in this arabic spice I had sitting in my cabinet for a while now. I opened it for the first time today and turned out, it is zatar. For those of you who don't know what zatar is, it is a wonderfully aromatic blend of spices using ground dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, salt, etc. I have had zatar bread plenty of times in Oman. They make this fluffy breads in clay ovens with the zatar spice copiously sprinkled on it and sometimes they even put cheese on it. It is absolutely delicious. However, the flavor of zatar is one that can be appreciated through acquired taste. So anyways, I dunked the chicken pieces in the zatar spice, besides garlic, lemon juice and other stuff. I then boiled some rice, folded everything in with generous knobs of butter here and there and heating the whole dish through in a heavy pot. It tasted better than it looked. I am watching the 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' right now on E! and as much as it is weird and strangely scary, I am still drawn to this movie. I just finished reading a thorough synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia because my puny little brain can't understand such a twisted movie. Kate Winslet did a fine job with the american accent I must say. Okay, enough blab for today...gonna go get some back rest, have this mother of a backache. Later gator.


Lost-in-thought said...

Maybe I could come over sometime
Have some of that arabic biryani,
Don't need a plate, just give me the pot
Oh my, it looks Yummy !!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a complete master piece!!! yuummmmmmm..... now this is what i call a tempting blog!!

Kawsar said...

Hey, Eternal Sunshine is an awesome movie ! I like the part where we runs to one end of the street and its end up back at the same place. The only other (good) movie I know about Lucid dreams is Vanilla Sky - I dig both. There should be some "click here" link that will electronically induce signals in my brain so that I can smell and taste that food. Are you working on that ?

Vanessa said...

Thanks Nafisa! I love purple, such a pretty color and OMG that dish looks so good! I love anything with garlic and lemon!

Lost-in-thought said...

Hey, EID mubarak to you too.