Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unusual iftar...and some other tales

So back after a lot of tweaking around with my blog template, I decided to stick to the old one and also many thanks to those who voted on the poll regarding the template. Anyways, so today I had a very unusual iftar.All those of you who are unaware of what iftar is, it is the meal one takes at sunset after completing a day of fasting from sunrise to sunset. So I felt like having piaju (lentils paste fried up into small balls) or beguni (slices of eggplant dunked in a batter and deep-fried) for ifter. Since I don't have a blender and I didn't have eggplant, I decided to make deep-fried broccoli instead. I dunked them in a batter made of besan (chick-pea flour) and threw some random spices in there. Turned out quite okay. So I had a glass of orange-tangerine tropicana and the deep-fried broccoli. Yummy! So in other things, I have been really sad lately because of all the sad news that I have been hearing. Back to back, two deaths related to car-accidents. I don't know these people first-hand, but it breaks my heart thinking about the pain they must have withstood and now the pain that their loved ones have to endear. I just think it is so important that we take the time to express our love to our near and dear ones because you never know. In other news, anyone hear about that big bang shenanigan? God knows whats going on with that. I am a little scared to tell you the truth. My computer flickered for a moment today and I almost died. *Note to all: I am a scaredy-boo* So what else has been going on? It's been raining a lot here and has been really muggy and foggy lately. Nothing else popping this Saturday night...can't believe it that last year at this time, I was undertaking a full-blown semester with classes and part-time work under my belt. Ugh, no good movies showing on tv either.


Lost-in-thought said...

Ohh.. I love piyaju, and beguni and broccoli fried thingy (haven't had it yet). I was once inspired by the cheese cake at your place back in Oman *gets lost in thoughts for a moment* and tired making it, the result...hah.. forget it.

When are you coming to Oman and having a partaaay?? LoL

Vanessa said...

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