Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Milli A Milli

I like that song although I don't know what it means
So..what's been going on? Went to a career fair yesterday with Gowri which was held downtown in the statler hotel. It was a complete waste of time. A whole bunch of not-heard-of companies laid out their tables and sat their with blank stares across their faces. Yeah, not very impressive. I mean some were nice but overall it wasn't great. I am just losing it...the hope, inspiration, aspiration, etc. This whole recessive economy thing couldn't have had happened at a better time (not). Although I am sure many would reconsider before putting something like not being able to find a job on their blogs, I am okay with it. There's no point in faking it and saying 'oh yeah the job hunt is going great'. Applying for jobs online, the paperless way, feels like tossing resumes into outerspace or an imaginary trash bin. Okay, enough of job-blabber. Moving on to more redundant things like the weather, okay, I am not a very big 'hot weather' person although I have lived half my life in Oman. Summer time here in Buffalo does not suit me very well..I get the frizzies, zits, oily skin...even an oil-free pressed powder gets oily on my skin. Oh did I tell you that I bought my first product from Lush...I love smells like a little exotic pantry in there. I got the coalface soap and its got Liquorice Root, Powdered Charcoal. You could check it out here Well, I am gonna go take a nap because there's nothing better to do now. Ciao

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yup I know I've been's what you missed:

~Incessant purchases of taco bell's cheese-roll ups--at 89 cents, can't go wrong...although could probably make it at home by throwing some shredded cheese inside a tortilla and heating it up.
~Incessant job hunting
~Incessant tanning (not on purpose), this side of the world gets quite a bit of sun actually...there goes my controlled tan.
~Incessant blemishes that won't go away no matter how much tea tree oil I slather on my face. boo
~Incessant eating all things wrong for summer cheese-filled, grease-drenched stuff.
~Incessant worries that won't go away.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What what

Haven't been here in a while. What has happened ever since? Well...The Clinton damsel decided to step down (or was stepped down rather), the sun came out in Buffalo, my birthday passed by and the economy is still going through recession. Yeah, not much happened.
Oh I forgot, Mahrin's engagement reception was this past Saturday and it was a fun. Although a dumb incident preceeded it--I locked myself out of my apartment like a retard. I went to my neighbors apartment for her mom to put the saree on for me...I come back and bam my roomie locked up and left. God bless her. So, anyways, I had my makeup (not to my satisfication though as I hadn't used pressed powder yet and that mineralized satinfinish foundation is not very matter) but I didn't have my absolutely wonderful matching earrings on, not to mention cellphone, bag, gum, etc. I went to the dinner anyways with all kinds of fear---my roomie was supposed to leave for a conference and I feared that if she didn't return that night, I would have to pay a nasty $35 fee to get into my apartment. Anyhoo, she came and everything was okay. I was so happy for Mahrin, she looked so radiant. So that is what has happened lately...
To the friends who have requested for me to update my blog...I am not feeling very update-y lately. I mean nothing is moving. Still waiting for a reply from that place I had a phone interview for. I am just losing it you know, hope. I know this isn't a nice thing to say, but I have been feeling this lately that things are not just the way they should be. I just hope to find some contentment soon...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No motivation

Yes, as of late, I have had zero motivation to do just about anything. No I am not getting suicidal or morbid. Just not feeling it you know. I could point a gazillion successful people who feel the same once in a while or all the time. Oh well, hope it will pass. By the by, I have been having this weird sleeping problem. I haven't been able to sleep properly for a week now...those under-eye circles and wrinkly skin are all creeping up. Gosh, I will be 25 in 3 days which means I am going to have to soon start using richer night creams, eye creams, firming masks and stuff. I'm not saying I am a wrinkly old lady...but I have read in magazines and heard from beauticians that it is necessary to use the appropriate skin products and be wary from early on. The whole 'beauty is only skin deep' is so full of balderdash. I mean I wish it was like that but we all know very well that it isn't. People are so taken over my physical looks that anything else takes a while to seep in. That wasn't a generalization, there are good people in this world as well.
So remember how I had started working out and stuff about a month and half ago, oh all that has gone to pluto. I mean I did enjoy while mommy was here and a whole bunch of buddies but my butt didn't enjoy it. I will probably go down for a walk in a bit. Oh another oops, I have ran out of my MAC foundation and I just haven't had the courage to shell out $28 something for the perfect shade of foundation. Only if drugstore brands carried my yellowy shade. Everything in Wal-Mart and Walgreens is for like either super-white people or super-black people...whatever happened to the in-betweeners? But a tip, the wrong shade of foundation can create havoc if you want to look totally spoils the look. Oh well, let's see what I could do. Mahrin's engagement party is this weekend and I am looking forward to that. Time for a little promenade by thyself...