Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A fun tuesday :)

Yesterday mommy drove me to work. Yes, I don't have a license (yet) and my mommy and daddy drive me around...still. It's a shame and its a disgrace but trust me, I have this fear of being behind the wheel. I feel like I won't have control. I know those are petty excuses...I will get on the bandwagon soon. I won't say that I've never 'driven' before. I did drive Atanu's car one time from the a grocery alley parking lot (Wegmans)to the school gym (Alumni Arena). I did pretty well. Atanu was and I am sure still is one of those few people who will probably throw a grand pary the day I get my license! Let Ramadan pass, then I'll take my road test. So okay, I totally got sidetracked. Mommy drove me to work yesterday and I kinda finished early so after that we went to the mall where they have Marks and Spencer. I bought a whole bunch of goodies:

1) All Butter Shortbread cookies. See the ingredients

Moving on, a little packet of buttery macadamia nuts. I love these gems. I might save some to put in a cake I bake one of these days.

And then mommy was intrigued by this organic new zealand honey. It has natural looking bubbles at the brim. Organicy.

To end the spulrge, I got this pepper mill. We had one of those mcormick ones that I got from Buffalo but it wasn't refillable, hence this monster.

Total spulrge: $30 (12 Rials).

Monday, August 17, 2009


8/11 was my dear sister, Naima's birthday. Daddy bought cake from our favorite cake shop (since we were 4), the Intercontinental hotel delicatessen. They make the most fabulous cakes and after having tasted a lot of cakes from different countries, I can safely say that, none of them come close to this place. They use the freshest whipped cream and crispy golden roasted almonds to decorate their cakes, not to mention fresh marzipan, hazelnut creme, edible flowers, etc. It's all too good. Why the two cakes? Because this year, we didn't have cake for my bday so my dad wanted to make up for that lol. Like I am 5!! Anyhoo, we had a quiet family dinner at home (we got take out from a continental place!).
So I discovered that some very special people read this blog *blushes*. I have been slacking in updating this blog because I have been so bogged down with work. I am trying very hard to get out the monotonous humdrum of work-eat-sleep-work schedule. And now with Ramadan coming up, I hope to channelize my inner karma and bring it all together well and good. Summer session just ended at the university (where I work) so the campus is all quiet again. Speaking of quiet, the sudden outbreak of H1N1 flu in Oman has struck everyone with severe panic. I read in today's newspaper that it has triggered what health officials have referred to as 'panic absenteeism' among students (and parents of students I am guessing)--- which essentially means they are afraid to to go to school in fear of contracting the flu. My thoughts on this: if you are going to get, you are going to get it...there's nothing you can do about it. Its not going to be pretty but you have to take it in stride. Recently, I've been thanking God so much for things such as a long streak of good health, continuous electricity, abundant supply of water and food and other things that sometimes we start taking for granted. Moving on, Hanifa returned from Zanzibar 2 weeks ago and brought me some lemon pickle and chilli pickle (zanzibari style). They are both delicious, with rice, bread or even biryani. Here's pic: