Wednesday, December 31, 2008


omggg i have been mia for soo long i didnt even realize it!! so many things happened
1) I got a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872 Laptop. My first laptop ever. It was $652 (ny tax included). I got it at Best Buy and I think it was a pretty good deal. So yeah its fat and a little bulky, but so am I and I have managed to get through life quite okay lol.
2) I am stuck with a fluish sort of cold. I have no sense of smell. Everything is clogged, blocked, closed, etc. Go Theraflu warming syrup and Theraflu Apple Cinnamon drink.
3) It snoweddd like a mother, then it all melted and got semi-sunny, and then it snowed again last night.
4) I am contemplating proactiv because moi skin has been just cwazayy.
5) Happity New Year to all! Be safe :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Well not just yet but say around Jan 25 or 27 I will be on a plane to Oman. Yes folks, I am ending the job search and heading home. I have mixed feelings but mostly I am happy that I will get to be home with my parents and don't have to miserable and lonely anymore.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So...I am writing from my extreeeemly sloowww computer. My friend kawsar let me borrow his really old computer (because thats the only spare he has and I really, really appreciate him bringing it over for me!). So yeah, I can check my email, check facebook but not see albums and stuff, I can't have too many tabs open in mozilla and yeah thats about it. So my 'web' life has become very limited. You know, I love reading people's blogs, watching videos, browsing facebook, listening to songs and checking my email all at the same time and this 98 compaq presario just won't allow all that multi-tasking. Anyways, so I have been feeling very down-in-the-dumps lately. Looks like I will have to leave after all. Nothing has been looking up. Nothing (job wise). What grinds my gears even more is that my student status is one of the biggest hinderances to me getting a job. It just makes me so sad everytime I think about it. I mean of course the citizens of america have the right to employment before me so anyways don't want to talk about this depressing stuff anymore. On to really smart interesting stuff: I sat on a pot of boiling water on Friday. Real smart eh? I was getting ready (read: superfast) for a holiday party and so I went on to make some tea and I usually boil the water in a small saucepan. Anyhoo, I brought the saucepan in my room (so it would cool faster and I could drink it sooner and apply my lipstick sooner) and put it on my chair (because I have such limited table-top space) and within 20 seconds I forgot about it and attempted to sit on the chair while flat-ironing my hair. It spilled all over my butt and burned soo bad. I have marks :( Anyways, I guess worse things could have happened. The holiday party I went to was this company's called CTG. A recent acquaintance has been trying to help me join this company and he thought going to their company holiday party would help me foster better connections. Ahhh I love finger foods and this party was a really elegant one and the food was topnotch. From turkey sandwiches with cranberry mayonaise to crab cakes to portabello mushroom sandwiches (which btw I am allergic to so sucks)to all kinds of decadent desserts (my fave is pecan pie). I ate a lot but didn't really get to meet too many people. I met this one recruiting manager and she seemed to like me and most of the other people were busy. I tried to keep a straight face with a heavily burnt *ahem*. Its muuuch better now. I have been slathering everything from vaseline to coconut oil there. Geez louis, I am such a klutz sometimes. Okay, so what else? It sucks that I can't see videos, go to and catch up on my heroes lol. I did something crafty these past few days like paint christmas ornaments. I even put glitter on it. Yeaaah...Well,hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. No matter what, try to be happy because before anything comes family. As long as you're with your family (or at least on good terms with them) and everyone's happy and healthy, there's no reason for a frown. So anyways, I am gonna go now have some ice-cream or like do something interesting.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here Atanu :), a rather shabby picture of the quasi-meatloaf I made today! It didn't turn out too bad. I threw all the grease that kinda pooled up on top.
In other news,
Lately, I haven't had the 2 most important things in life:
1) Steady, continuous internet.
2) Clear, painful-pimples-free skin.

So my skin kinda went bonkers. Mainly my forehead and chin, my cheeks are safe so far. These pimples popping up are red and painful. I don't know if its because I am using the wrong acne medication or what. I just hope it goes away soon. I have been staying at home mostly, not going anywhere, because even with the thickest concealer (viz. MAC Studio Finish Concealer) you can still see them and you know when you reach that point when people are talking to your pimples and not you. Yeah---I am there. Anyways, I try not to be whinny about these things but hey I've been dealing with the skin issues since this past summer and also, 25 is not an age to deal with pimples...16 is! What else is new? I brought a truckload of groceries today. Groceries make me happy. I bought whole wheat flour tortillas, 4-cheese mix, pecans (to make pralines to add to my ice-cream), fabric softner sheets (because theres enormous static everywhere in my apartment), and of course cotton balls. I can't live without cotton balls. Just saw the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and now am nauseated at my own body. Man these girls are made of something else. Their bodies remind me of a tan surf boards. My favorite is Miranda Kerr. Her face is like an angel and those dimples are priceless. Okay, I am gonna go lay down.