Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Dreams May Come...

Sooo, last night, I saw a dream. A real detailed one and I am going to write about it as much as I can remember. Before I begin, let me tell you that I watched parts of Wolverine: X-men Origins yesterday evening. I say that because I read somewhere that dreams we see are results of the thoughts of that particular day.

It is a bright sunny day. We are in front of a house getting ready to go somewhere. I and some other people are going in a car, a beat up buick type car and there's a blue Colemans lunch box packed with food. We are going to Sydney, Australia. I saw glimpses of some relatives. Then I fall in love with some random person whose face resembled Tom Hanks. We are sooo in love. Then, all of a sudden, all the people who were in the car including mr. tom hanks lookalike and me are in a japanese facility in Japan. The background is now ashen and sombre. Everyone looks naked...everyone has brusies and a scratches on their faces. We are all being biologically altered for future weaponry. I walk around, look at the lines of people, they are waiting for something, blank stares on their faces. I am then informed that everyone's memories has been erased. Until now I am not too sad because I am aware of everything around me and also that my memory is intact, in fact I am happy. Soon, in that line, I see my lover. He too is erased off his memory.I feel immense pain after seeing how blank he looked. I then go to get my memory erased too.

Then, I wake up because its time to go to someone's house for Eid lunch.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I went to Aldo's on Tuesday and bought these earrings!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

More food pics

So for those of you don't know, according to the Islamic Calendar, it is the holy month of ramadan now. It started August 22nd, and will end on September 20th or 21st, I am not too sure. I have been trying my hands at something new almost everyday, depending on my level of energy after coming back from work. Yesterday, I whipped up a pizza and some sticky buns. I used the same dough for both lol. They turned out pretty good, except I like my pizza toppings a little more undercooked.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soft cheesy garlic buns

So this blog is turning more and more into a food blog. Well, I will definitely write updates about my life but I am a foodies, so all things food tend to dominate. I once attempted to make buns maybe 3 years ago. It turned out harder than hockey pucks and just was wrong wrong wrong.
However, since the last 3 interest to delve into culinary escapades coupled with copious amounts of watching Food Network, has heightened my ability to cook. However, I seriously lack baking skills...its all about luck when it comes to baking for me. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. So yesterday, I stumbled upon this blog which had this recipe for pull-apart garlic bread. I was instantly attracted to how soft and buttery the buns looked. I followed the exact same recipe except I added a generous amount of grated mozarella cheese atop of mine along with a sprinkle of oregano and pepper and voila! I have buns! I took pics after everyone finished eating half of it. It looks like a big piece of bread but its actually little buns tightly placed next to each other. Seee....

The taste and texture reminded me a lot of Domino's cheesy bread (this picture can be found at Dan Bruno's photostream on Flickr!)