Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas all!

Got an A- in DMS 528--*Joy*
Leave tomorrow at 11am for Bangladesh--*no reaction*
Might eat a shawarma (arabian version of gyro) and costs like $2--*psyched*

Merry, Merry to the world...go hug a tree or a bear or anyone!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Ma woke me up real early today morning to go out with her to run some errands...
Made myself a mean egg and some green tea and rushed out the door looking all fuffy-early-in-the-morning face.
Went to the Oman Travel Bureau to get our tickets for Bangladesh. Flight's on Tuesday early morning 3am. Not lovin it.
Then we both went for a hair cut. I got layers and this time got a good length off. I have short hair now...well not short short, maybe medium would be a better word. Ever realize how they say they're not going to take much off and they ALWAYS end up doing so. Ma says it looks nice so I'm happy. She got a trim too. Ah someone touching my hair or face always puts me to sleep.
We picked Naima, my sis, up from home because she would rather sleep in (I would too lol) for lunch. We went to this Chinese/Thai place and had some chicken hakka noodles and thai red curry chicken. Yum but doesn't compare to Jasmine.
Then we went for some groceries...by now I was so so tired.
Came home...took a nap. Woke up, had some leftovers and a few tangerines. Watched a bit of Laguna Beach, Oprah, Dr. Phil...everything. Worked on my IRB protocol for sometime...now ready to go to bed.
T'was a fun day with the mom...=)

Friends, acquaintances, etc.: I am so sorry I am being this complete hibernating pig and not wanting to meet up, socialize or anything. Just not in the mood I guess due to a multitude of reasons ---but I still love all of you just as much if not more.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wow christmas is almost here...

...and I am not in my glistening white, beautiful, snowed in Buffalo. Yes, I called Buffalo beautiful because no matter how blizzardy, cold and ugly it gets sometimes, its beautiful to me because of the last 6 years that I have spent there.

Christmas is just a couple of millions of seconds away and I can picture most major shopping centers all around the world hustling and bustling with people from all walks of life trying to finish their christmas shopping---very last minute though! I know many of you wonder whether Christmas is celebrated here in Oman (some sweet person assumed I celebrate kwanzaa---very cute.), it is very much celebrated here in much vigor and color. There's christmas decor everywhere you go and the spirit is definitely around too.

Every religion's major festivals are celebrated here...it's quite surprising to many but the middle east is a melting pot of different religions.

Anyways, I had all these thoughts for all people all around the world:
-All loved ones: You are blessed, cherish it!
-All not-loved ones: It's impossible, there's at least a someone who loves you but you just don't know it or don't want to know about it.

Favorite kiddies

Nureen, 9: Love you tons!!!
Afreen, 12: Gorgeous in the making!
Nawaar, 4: Ah absolute gem!

They all live here in Oman and they adore me for being their play buddy. Love all of them. I know there are some of you looking at me like I'm kid-obssessed. I seriously am in no rush to have my own but definitely don't mind playing with others lol.
Leave for Bangladesh in 3 days. Serious trepidation.
I know my mom will be hunting for grooms in all the weddings I will be attending with her. Although I like attending people's weddings, I am in no mood to look around or anything...not the least bit. Just like to be by myself. Why do parents feel the dire need to get us hitched? So like brown parents. But then again there's the whole being obedient to them and all--after all its our parents who brings us into this world, feed us, educate us yada yada (welcome to desi culture)... Gowri haaalp meeee.....I think its best we both get married. What say you? lmao

Thursday, December 20, 2007

dinners shminners

Eid Mubarak!

-Have been going to endless eat-a-thons ever since yesterday i.e. dinners at family friends and other people's places all dressed up in traditional garb...I love to dress up though but then I also need to loosen them pants and drawstrings everytime I eat... I am so, so, so stuffed. I just got back from a dinner. I can't believe a foodie like me could get tired of foood but I am this time round.
-Eid-ul-Adha is all about eating tons of meat. Lamb, Beef and chicken. In forms or curries, pilafs, etc. It's also about hugging loved ones and being kind. Cliched as it may sound, I am doing all of it lol.
-I just had an orange to melt it down but don't think a teensy orange will be able to hold up to all that grease.
-Weather here is divine. Thank you Lord!
-I have been trying to put my mind together...still a wee bit jet-lagged so I wake up at wee hours and sleep at...you guessed it...wee hours. Wee.
-Got an A- in this one final project so a little happy about that.


The beginning of a new life.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I got here (Oman) the 15th at 1pm Oman time (so about 5am ET). Allow me to ramble about my 39 hour tumultuous journey (inclusive of layovers, delays, transfers, etc.)

Dec 13, 1pm: My lover G dropped me to the airport and also walked me through security and stayed with me until I boarded. I mean I didn’t know God still made people like these. Beautiful angels like G are a rarity these days. *Tear* So I boarded after an hour or so.

3:30pm: Arrived at JFK. Atanu came to see me and that was the nicest thing ever. I am one of those people who usually spend all time alone at airports when departing and takes a cab home when arriving. No one waiting with flowers, hugs or none of that. I am so used to it by now that when someone does come, it feels just too nice. Waited at baggage claim for another half hour.

6:00pm: By the time I scooted to Terminal 7 (with Atanu’s help) for my flight to London, it was already getting late. I feared that I would miss my flight. Luckily I didn’t. It was bye bye time. Robbie made it the last two minutes before I checked in. At least got to see him for 2 minutes. All worth it for me. Thank you Rob. Thank you Atanu again. So nice of you.

7:00pm -9:30pm: Waited to board the flight. Delays, shmelays. I cried a lot at the airport—very silently though---mascaras running down and all. I am really tired of always journeying alone . I wish there was someone although I am a veteran in long-distance everything (6 years since I left Oman and that one year in between when I was in Oman for over a year and all things came tumbling down). You would say it too if you traveled half way across the world every six months or so. Anyways, so I purchased a magazine to kill time. One of those $2.99 life and style magazines. I know, bogus on print but still had to make for some killing time. This one elderly looking man asked if I was okay...I smiled and said I was fine.
Although I am friendly by nature lol, when I am traveling or anything by myself, I usually have my ipod glued to my ears and don’t talk to strangers unless they want some assistance from me.

10:00pm – 4am: Aboard British Airways double decker. Watched a bit of hairspray (love that Tracy girl in it…she can move!), thought of all my loved ones in Buffalo…a sweet old couple was seated next to me. Every time the plane got bumpy the wife grabbed her husband’s hands. *Tear*

Dec 14: 6am: Heathrow, Terminal 4. Cleared security to find out I missed my connecting to Oman. Mother. I was so so pissed. I mean it was because my flight from jfk got delayed that I missed the connecting. In the midst of all this I was having severe sinus congestion and all that good stuff so all the more annoyed. Went to the connections desk and they told me they would put me on another later flight with Gulf Air to Bahrain and then another connecting to Oman. I had 8 hours in between and she told me could give me a room at the Hilton. Thank god!

7am: Scooted to the Hilton which is all connected via the terminals. Oh my God ! What an absolutely gorgeous hotel. Amazing…I haven’t seen such a pretty hotel in a while. Wish I had my camera…

8:00am-1pm: Took a shower! Slept for 4 hours or so in the comfy queen sized….can u believe it they had toiletries from crabtree and evelyn. Love it. Missed my free lunch though at this place, the Brasserie, it was so beautiful…had a waterfall by it and all but I just was too tired.

2:00pm: Went over to Terminal 3, a mighty long walk it was.

3:00-5:00pm: Bought some lame sandwich and had my mucinex…staring at the swarms of people sitting around. Everyone rushing, gushing, trying to make it to their destinations. Felt like I was in a movie.

5:00pm: Boarded Gulf Air. Hmm…not to be all snooty but really not feeling it. Very tight and less spacious—a little smelly maybe as well.

6:00pm: Plane decides to take off…they kept saying ‘airport congestion’ all the time flights got delayed. I do understand that major airports like jfk and heathrow are busy.

6:00pm- 12midnight: Got seated next to the two cutest Filipino girls. Best part of my entire journey. Kathleen Claire, 7 and Mawie LiAnn, 10 from Alberta, Canada. They were flying with their dad to see their mom in Bahrain. Let me tell you, by far the best, best travel buddies. They kept asking what grade I was in. How cute. We played unscramble the words (something they invented), hangman and practiced signatures and they also taught me how to snap my fingers to the Z formation…lol. We then watched Sabrina on the mini tv…lol..then they listened to my ipod. Love, love it. They gave me their email addresses, friendster and even postal address so that I could send them birthday cards. Adorable. The funny thing was people kept complaining about us being loud. Hehehe…Aww…they were the cutest things ever.

Dec15 -1am: Reached Bahrain. First time in Bahrain. The airport was pretty nice. Had a layover there for 5 hours. Really tired by now. Ipod died. Trepidation.

6am: Boarded plane to Oman. Ended up running into one of my high school mates who was the flight attendant. Feels nice meeting school people.

7:30am: TOUCHDOWN! Arrived in Oman…sweet sunshine. Baggages missing. No problems , Ah Finally getting to see mommy dearest felt so good. Holding her hands, hugging her. She had to go to work right after and I felt so bad that all these delays and stuff threw her off schedule... she travels real far to go to work. She is such a strong woman I know I will never be half the woman she is.

After that I came home and passed out forever. I did check my email before passing out and Gowri, it felt really nice to receive an email from you asking about my arrival---you’re so my boyfriend. Thank you. I mean a good portion of my life has depended on maintaining relationships via email because most of my life I have been apart from loved ones. I have been maintaining long-distance relationships with parents, friends, significant others for so long now that when someone asks me, I forget what to say and many a times don’t know what I am saying. So Gowri, my angel…thank you, the power of email, to me is still very very strong as you can see—and I know to you it is too.

I still feel like I am moving. My back hurts so much…ah my bengay awaits in my lost suitcase…

This was supposed to be posted two days ago had my internet not acted lame =)
Iam a lot better now...just got back form shopping.
miss u g.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fall 07

A little sick here, a little sick there.
Project almost complete.
A day left till I go home--can't wait for the 14 hour flight (minus layovers)
Still happy that a person came to Buffalo for a hot second (a rarity indeed)

Alas, a pictorial of what this semester has been...and I am sure some things will carry over to the new year as well =)

Yes Gowri, Betty Boop represents you...you probably know exactly what each of the pic means...ooh the love between us.

Monday, December 10, 2007


--At the end of the day I am a sucker for being forgiving, forgetting and all that good stuff.
So, someones visiting B-town so I'm all happy, happy, happy although it is going to be a task to get work done when special people are around.

lol--it's funny when you read the post below...I was and am still having a hectic week though.
But at the end of the day, I am a true blue forgetter of all things bad. In the process though, I overlook a lot of things that many may consider not overlookable. But thats how I am surviving in this world.
Is that a good thing?
Well, I leave for home and usually I like to leave on a good note--so the story goes.

Okay back to paper.

Want to listen to a nice song? Linger by Cranberries. So heartwarming.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today's bothered items...

Things that have bothered me today (and yesterday):

1) Women's Locker Room--why, why, why? I don't want to see your...
2) Male Ego--I think men should date, marry, etc. their own ego.
3) Slushy, slippery snow--fell twice so far, don't need it anymore.
4) Depressing Libraries--the very air start to depress me after 5 hours.
5) Scratchy throat
6) Male Ego
7) People peering into other people's computers--annoy-ing!
8) Male Ego
9) Male Ego

You get the point?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Edge Of The Ocean

Really like this song by Ivy:

"Edge Of The Ocean

"There's a place I dream about
Where the sun never goes out.
And the sky is deep and blue.
Won't you take me there with you.

Ohhh, we can begin again.
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in.
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again.

There's a world I've always known
Somewhere far away from home.
When I close my eyes I see
All the space and mystery.

Ohhh, we can begin again.
Shed our skin, let the sun shine in.
At the edge of the ocean
We can start over again.


You know when you are mentally and emotionally unsound you can't concentrate on a whole bunch of other things. It's like a chain reaction, snowball effect--whatever you want to call it. I have this utterly horrendous 20 page paper to do and a database to complete. None of which is shaping up substantially because I am just troubled. Its 3:45 pm and I really should be working on my projects, instead I am venting in virtual space. There are people I can share these things with but they have their own share of problems to deal with and I wouldn't want to burden them any further with my ramblings. You know, as much as I refer to my depressing situation as 'ramblings', it really isn't. I really put up with a lot...Yes, I said it and I know there are people with bigger problems but I am so f***** tired of living life in this comparative mode. Enough of being sane and understanding. Sick of putting up a front...sick of being how people want me to be. Need to f**** stop being a people pleaser.
I have no idea how I will progress with my final papers.

*not smiling today*

Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday food-day

Today was a lot of stuff packed in one day...

Went to work from 12-4pm. Second last day at work before spring semester *tear*. So after work I decided to be a fatty and go with Joanna to the Economics department holiday party. I am such a foodaholic. Hate it but can't help it. So they had luscious food there...Indian food, Chinese food, Greek food...wow! After that went to Lockwood to tweak around with the Database project. I don't like using VBA programming...confuses me a lot. G came over to see me at Lockwood. We then went to WalMart to pick some stuff for her big night tomorrow. She is going to this winter gala sort of thing tomorrow. Her dress is this beautiful shade of turquoise and goes amazingly with her skin tone. I hope she has a great time there tomorrow. What will I be doing tomorrow? Sitting with my Access bible somewhere and try to figure this thing out and then work on the public policy paper. Can't can't wait.

I know it is too early to make new years resolutions but the coming year I hope to become a more patient and enduring person. Hope to cherish the things that have been given to me and be satisfied with them instead of being whiny. God, give me the strength. Okay I sound crazy...lol.
Been a long day...nite.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

25 pages. 8 hours...

Okay---I am such a retard. Didn't realize that the 25 page paper was due today. Thank god I opened the syllabus. I felt like such a undergrad today after such a long time. Wow. Can't believe it. Luckily, I had half of it done from last week. Got it in about 15 to 12...can't believe how I did this. I am so on top of things usually...anyways, tomorrow I will be hibernating in Lockwood with my Access bible. Can't wait...not.
On a merrier note, the holiday party at work was such a blast. There was so, so, so much food and coming from a foodie like me, that definitely means there was a ton of food. From appetizers like phyllo wraps to main items like shrimp gumbo and desserts like pecan pie...I can't name all of them here, would take forever. Even Ming (my lovely from work who I absolutely adore---she is like my partner in crime all the time and we both love to eat...well pig out actually) said that it was a little tiring, all the food. Joanna too was enjoying everything...she is my gorgeous, blue-eyed ice princess from Poland. Braynard is another work mate who always has funny anecdotes to share with everyone...from how to make tartar sauce to how how americans are the prettiest people in the world (that's exactly in his words...soo cute).
After this huge feast I met up with my raunchy lover G (for whom I sneaked some wine from the party *wink wink*). We didn't go to class but did manage to discover the paper deadline. Thank God I opened up that syllabus today. Why was I thinking it was due the 14th or something? Cwazy.
Okay---so by default I am very tired. Someone got done with all their exams today...more power to them. Hope you make some time for 'Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool'---

7 days till I go home...=)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was reading my horoscope in Elle's December issue and couldn't help but smile....

GEMINI (May 21- June 21)
To make it easy for your mile-a-minute brain, here's a quick December checklist: Don't bet the farm on a get-rich-quick scheme. Don't marry the first man to propose. Don't go out without clean underthings. Do allow yourself to fall head over heels for somebody new, but for heaven's sake, don't let them know. Work your tail off from the 5th to the 30th, then go on holiday--or strike.

dang, these horoscopes are psychotic!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Nine days till I go home. Wow.

One 20 page paper
One 15 page paper
Two 7 page papers
One functional database

In nine days all that? Should be doable. Need to OD on some tea, coffee, music, sugar, etc. all the uppity I can get. I am so stressed that I am getting pimples all over my face. Achy pimples. I have under-eye circles, bags, crows feet...name it and I have got it. All at the tender age of 24. LOL. No but seriously, I haven't slept in a long time. I can't remember the last time I had a decent 8 hours of sleep...or even 7, 6 or 5 hours.
I need to get home asap so I can sleep, eat, think and function normally. Hope everything thats not going well in my life right now will get back to normal soon...I always want the best when someone else is involved in my life in any way...but then again it takes two.
Argh---need time to release all this stress.

Monday, December 3, 2007


You know one of those days when it snows a lot, is freezing cold and you haven't slept enough the previous night. Yeah, it was one of those days. Work however, like always, was fun. People at work always make me so happy and cheerful as they keep pouring sweet nothings into my ears. After work, I pulled myself together to go the gym. I mean it took some serious determination to head there in the midst of this 'lake-effect-snow' weather. I have a wedding to attend this time when I go home and I would like to look presentable hence the perseverance to work out. Lately though I haven't been going on a regular basis. School work, distance, weather, etc. have been playing significant roles. Came home after that and got some milk at the convenience store on my way home. Cooked some rice and beef and then inhaled a bit of it. See, there's no point in people like me working out who have a definitive relationship with food. Then I sat to comb my long, knotted hair and then a tooth of the comb accidentally dug into the nasty cut I endured on Friday. Bled for sometime...I hate cuts, nicks and all that stuff although I am super-prone to these things. As I was combing my hair I was thinking how my hair resembles the state of my life in a queer way. Dry, tangled and long. It's hard being cheery all the time but I try to maintain a positive outlook towards life in spite of the many unfavorable situations that it may bear sometimes. Okay...watching Heroes. Love Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia).

Sunday, December 2, 2007


There was once a person, who was a hopeless romantic. This person was an ardent believer in romanticism. Romanticism has very little to do with things popularly thought of as "romantic," although love may occasionally be the subject of Romantic art. One day this person thought of building a house with much determination and confidence, of course along with the help of another special person. It has been four years and they still have some work remaining to be done. All the rooms have been painted, there is beautiful hardwood floors, solid mahagony furniture, folding french doors and windows and an unbeatable front porch. No roof however atop this gorgeous house. But the romantic one, is eager to at least discuss the possibility of building a roof---you know like gather the roof materials. But the other special person won't even discuss the roof. The special person expressed that there lies the intense and sincere intent to build the roof for sure someday but just not yet. Today, the romantic, in a very hopeless state of mind is staring out the window---reminiscing the times and wondering why roof talk is forbidden....

Bebe coat: $259

~~~This coat is just so beautiful. Had to put it on here. Makes me happy.~~~

Birthdate facts

Your Birthdate: June 6

You tend to be a the rock in relationships - people depend on you.

Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs first.

You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.

An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.

Your strength: Your intuition

Your weakness: You put yourself last

Your power color: Rose

Your power symbol: Cloud

Your power month: June

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Being understanding...

9:30am- Cut my thumb with a knife while cutting a fruit.
10:00am- Slipped on ice, fell on my back.
2:00pm- Gash like paper cut with a sharp folder.

*Still smiling*

Being patient, understanding, tolerant, etc. etc. are sometimes all too exhausting.
I obviously can't be too discrete on here but just want to reiterate that I am just a little tired from a whole bunch of things. Okay, I really don't want to complain about anything. I have two legs, two hands, a functional respiratory system...thankful to God for everything. When I am unhappy, there's usually one person to blame for it...me. I hope I am not coming across as the ever-ungrateful types. I am grateful for everything that is in my life....even things that are left in forms of left-overs.

Last night was impromptu going out...I was hanging out at Gowri's...we talk about so much stuff and its always a guaranteed fun thing to do. Love my G_love. Anyways, Mahrin, this other friend of mine who is an absolute darling came to pick me up to join her, her boyfriend and some more people for some lounging. Mahrin is a person who is so well-rounded. She is a super smart student and at the same time manages to be involved in various extra cirricular and just be so great at it all! So then Tilova, Nora, Kapono, Shyam, Mahrin and Tawheed and I went to Prespa. Okay, I don't like Prespa but they really wanted to go. It was deadbeat. We then headed to Nektar for a bit which was semi-dead too but I kind of like that, but that's just me. Its a rare thing when I feel like getting my dance on. After Nektar, some of the lovelies headed for some clubbing. Mahrin, Tawheed and I declined...I was super tired plus I wanted to sleep well so I could get started on my final papers.

On a different not--going home (Oman) this winter and definitely looking forward to some quality time with my mom and sister. Then mom and I are going to Bangladesh...wow, we will be going there after 5 years together. Can't wait.

Okay I just baked this corn bread kind of thing...turned out pretty good actually.
(Think happy thoughts)