Friday, July 25, 2008

Summertime me

I decided to put on some makeup, wear a nice top and go outside. I took the mall/market shuttle and went to the mall (where I found uber-cute tees at JCPenney's for like $2.98-- I really need them when I go running or walking.) After the mall I walked over to Wegmans and spent an hour and a half looking for Witch hazel there. I don't have a toner and wanted to get one and have read a lot about using witch hazel as a toner (on oily to combination skin). I looked in the organic section, cosmetics section and every other possible section to no avail. Anyways, instead I bought this toner from Avalon Organics called Vitamin C balancing toner. It was $7.99 and from the ingredients it sounds pretty good. Will give it a try and see what it does to my as-of-now blemishy skin. I came home and ate too much food. They're showing 'Save the Last Dance' on tbs. What a surprise right? (not) I am watching it anyways although I've seen it many times. I am feeling a little under the weather...was supposed to go to Vinny's party tonight. I am so sorry Vinny, I just don't fare very well when the weather changes so much. Okay, calling it an early night~

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Anonymous said...

you totally zapped in this pic...are u sure it was uneven tanning or unwanted tanning or alien abduction???