Sunday, July 13, 2008

My wishlist skincare products

These are items I have either used as samples, or borrowed from my mommy (she is a Lancome junkie). They are all divine, gets the job done and really cha-ching for someone with my budget (until I get a job).

1- Lancome Galateis Clarte $30 (Milky Cleanser)
2- Lancome Exfoliance Clarte $24 (Exfoliating Gel)
3- Lancome Tonique Clarte $21. (Hyrdating Toner)
4- Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Skin Renewer $36.50 for 1ml (Leave-on serum but called exfoliator)
5- LUSH Goregous Cream $85.45 for 1.5oz, go figure. (Moisturizer with all kinds of cold-pressed oils)
6- LUSH Oceans Salt $18.55 for 4.2 oz. (Exfoliator with coarse sea salt, avocado, coconut, etc.)
7-LUSH Mask of Magnanimity $20.45 for 11.1oz (Mask, Deep cleans breakout-prone skin with a luscious vanilla-mint scent)

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