Saturday, July 26, 2008

The revised post

So guess what I did just now, I wrote a mighty long post about being muslim and all the responsibilities it bears and erased most of it. Here's a bit: Heard about the blast in Ahmedabad? Devastating is an understatement whenever such things happen. The Indian Mujahedeen claimed responsibility according to BBC News. Obviously, everyone thinks of Mujahedeen and thinks Muslim. Well, they really aren't. They are fanatics, impostors in the name of God and just straight out meanies. They have soiled the reputation of Muslims to such an extent around the world that sometimes, I can't help but pity myself.
I never was one of those outspoken, overly-opinionated and pigheaded type of people. Although I appear to be a gal who just likes to dabble in the latest collection of makeup, showbiz news, and facebooking, I am very much aware about what is going on around the world. I just choose not to talk much about it and pretend that everything is okay. I think there are enough political bloggers out there so I guess I will stick to keeping this blog about the more easier things in life. Only one thing, not all terrorists are muslim, and most importantly, not all muslims are terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

wow this is a real strong write up girl....i agree all muslims are not terrorists but the one who are have done alot of damage to the religion and the thoughts of other people regarding musilms. We all will have to live with it and there is nothing we can ever do. Hopefully.........