Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yeah, I am watching the digitally-enhanced Wizard of Oz on TNT. Such a cute movie. Especially the people of Munchkinland. I also love all the songs in the movie viz. 'follow the yellow brick road' I went to Wegmans today...again. I had to buy some whole wheat flour and while I was there I had to get something for my notorious sweet tooth and who can resist Wegman's desserts. I bought four pieces of walnut cheesecake bars. They are so good. They are like a cheesecake baked with walnuts and they also have a chewy caramely crust on the bottom with more walnuts. It's really good. I also bought some snacking items, as you can see from the picture, roasted green peas and rice crackers. The rice crackers I tasted on my way back home. I got the seaweed flavor. For a person who enjoys most things 'whole' and 'full cream' and so forth, things with no fat taste a bit boring and yucky to me. I am so sleepy right now. I stayed up so so late last night watching X-Files. *yawn* maybe I'll go lay down for a bit. Mmm I already finished two of the four cheescake bars.