Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So...today was the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break. We only had one class cancelled but had the other two. In between classes, Gowri and I went to the mall to browse for a bit. She has a winter gala sort of thing coming up so we were looking for a dress for her. She is so gorgeous that she could literally pick anything off the rack and put it on and she would look like a dream. After the mall we grabbed a quick bite and then headed to class. Class went all the way up to 8:32pm and Professor Raffel considers that 'letting us out early'. Anyways, all in good spirit. After class I went over to Gowri's and got some delicious food there. Then we came over to my place after watching 'Dancing with the Stars'. I think Mel B is so, so, so gorgeous. Her accent just adds to the sexiness. So, at my place we watched 'Kimora- Life in the Fab Lane' and was thinking how nice would it be if we were in her place.
Ish, I don't know what's the point of me reiterating happenings of certain days on here anymore. I mean I know some of my friends (whom I don't see here and live like faraway) like to know what's going on in my life, but really it's just lame, boring stuff---almost like everyone else's lives. Almost. This obviously excludes a lot of people but I am not getting into that now. So, I have been this real mess lately. I feel like I am just losing direction. I consider myself to be a semi-focused person. But sometimes, I feel like I am falling off a cliff...into something. The falling part seems bad but the something part isn't clear to me yet.
Okay, these kids upstairs are blasting their music like nobody's business. I would have so called the cops on them--this is what happens when you've spent a good amount of your college life being a Resident Adviser-- but I am too lazy to do that right now. Too much work..
Okay, sleepy time.
Another thing---I just wish people would kind of stop paying too much attention. I don't like that when people who are not even remotely connected to someone pay more than required attention to that someone's life. Go figure. Nite

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