Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's a Wiki-world out there

Argh. Argh. Argh. Research Paper. I am thinking of the agony most college student undergo when asked not to use Wikipedia, Google, etc. for research papers. Somehow they all still do---slyly. I am actually using LexisNexis and JSTOR a lot. I don't even remember the last time I used Wikipedia as an academic resource. NewsFlash: I am doing my paper for INF637 on Wikipedia and discussing public policy in relation to it. Wow, there is so much hullaballoo about Wikipedia- it's crazy. People suing Wikipedia over revelation of their sexual orientation on it and all kinds of privacy violations. Wikipedia is a host, isn't it? As far as I remember, it doesn't even have an editor. I usually like going to Wikipedia about trivial information like...I don't know, say searching for superheroines (halloween purposes). For that purpose Wikipedia was a ton of help. Gave me alphabetized list of superheroines, everything from Andromeda to Buttercup to Xena. Real help. Another purpose Wikipedia is good for is if you look at the sources cited, you can find some great...finds. So I am in the computer lab...class is at 6pm. I skipped database class today. Feel terrible about it but this paper needed some work. It's not the final paper, just four pages of the final paper. So not too terrible but just the whole task of researching about Wikipedia is very exhausting...I mean mentally. Anyways, had some very creamy (and not so tasty) tortellini at Sbarros (your source of uptown italian grub-NOT) and a breadstick totally soggified with oil. Oh and I started antibiotics beginning last night. I have this whole mucous situation again. And the weather is just busted....gray, cold, semi-icy rain, bad bad bad. Okay just wanted to drop a quick line in between papers, shmapers, coughs, classes and cold...ew that doesn't even go together. Whatever. I'm out.

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