Friday, November 9, 2007

Seriously impaired judgement

Don't ask me why the title is so. It's one of those situations where I can't write about it...just kind of think about it in my head.
The pic is actually of my all-time fave comic book. Always was the perfect bedtime, schooltime, bathroomtime read...=)
Today was not too bad. I still have a cold...seriously, it's been too long now since I have had this cold. I wonder how I'd cope once this is gone. Ok kidding. Work shmirk was good...I love my work peeps. They all have such vibrant personalities and it's so much fun chit chatting with them. We talk about everything from - is farting better than stomach rumbling (that was me- you guessed I'm sure =) to is prostitution being offered at massage places and spas? I know its random but it's fun and relaxing. After work I headed to the gym for a bit. Ever since I have been on these antibiotics, I have been feeling very weak and I am also looking terrible. My eyes look puffy, dark circles underneath, blotchy skin, etc. etc. - oh well, I'm just happy that I am not as sick as I was pre-antibiotics. After 40 minutes or so I slipped into the sauna for a bit...I called Gowri and then she came and picked me up and we went out and about for a spin. We went to Wal-Mart, Boulevard Mall to pick our body splashes along with our BOGO free coupons. I got the Black raspberry vanilla and I need some serious reviews from people about the scent. I like it but then I hope I am not smelling like Robitussin. She got some food for Ryan from Outback Steakhouse. She's a real gem.
She dropped me home and I have been here ever since. Just sitting in front of the computer...being lazy, unfocused, coughy, blank and just confused.
I know I have never mentioned my closest guy friend here's R. Thats his initial and thats as far as I am willing to go...explanation will follow. The word 'friend' is an understatement but then again I don't want some pesky cousin or auntie to stumble upon this blog and call my parents and tell them that I am being a brat here in the United States (instead of studying) and making boyfriends. I come from a semi-traditional family and in my family it is not well tolerated that a girl has a boyfriend or anything of that sort prior to marriage. Yeah, I know---but lets be respectful here.
This is also a good time to explain why I don't have a relationship status on Facebook. Okay enough of a disclaimer that was.
I have known R since October 2003. He is a wonderful person. He is super-gentleman like and super-nice (I sound so uppity). At the same time however he is super-quiet. That's okay though. He thinks out real loud in his head (I think at least) and then says what would be appropriate situation-wise. Very spiffy about his actions. Very thoughtful and very calm at all times. A little drawback though is the quietness really---he will just bottle his emotions up and never let the opposite person know how he really is feeling. Not a great quality according to me.
He is now in Orlando, Florida pursuing Law school. So proud of him...I hope he conquers all his dreams someday.
Okay I shall resume capstone work now.

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