Sunday, November 11, 2007

My new loverr....

So, I have a new lover. Her name is Gowri...hehehe. This girl is my sweet love coz we just have so much fun when we chill together. Today for example we were at the mall...clothes shopping for a bit. It's so lame that malls close at 6 on Sundays. Ew ew. So after that we headed to Wegmans for some impromptu grocery shopping. We spent ten million years in the tea and cookie section. I like people who consider going to grocery stores therapeutic. Just walking from one aisle to the other aisle, looking at different things bearing different shapes, sizes and colors is such a holistic experience. Okay I shall stop. So, anyways, she bought this real nice beef strips wrapped in all kinds of things like cheese and herbs. We also bought some flan making materials. Then went over to her place and put the beef in the oven and made the flan. That beef thingy was delicious. Amazingly succulent and oozing with precious cheese. We also had some 'puttu' and 'dal' that her mommy made which I love. I absolutely love South Indian food...The flan, however, didn't turn out that good (at least according to me)...I am losing my touch but G-love said she liked it and thats all that matters. We then watched 'Knocked Up'...I saw it before but G didn't...I love this movie. So well put together and the comic timing and dialogues are all so good. So anyways, my love dropped me home and it was the end of our clandestine affair...hehehe. I just took a shower and slathered some tea tree oil on my face because I am pimple face of the year. ...aaah lots of things to do tomorrow. Sleep must I.

P.S. Gwen's new fragrance is uber-sexy and I am coaxing Gowri into getting goes well with her personality.

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