Thursday, November 1, 2007

November is here? Oh Dear.



Oh me God! Its November already! Wow. Time really flies by fast. Super-fast. I am much, much, MUCH better today. Thank the Lord. For the third week a sub teacher came in for the Social Web Media professor's wife just delivered a baby girl, hence the absence. After class, Gowri and I had some more tea. The little pumpkin has been sick too...this is like uber-get-sick season. Not fun. I have started this new thing, I put pepper into my tea to make my throat feel better. I also heard that any kind of pepper revs up your metabolism. Eh, could be just a whole load of crap. Its all in the head. Anyways, so after a half hour, we went to lab for database class. I like labs because then you can always do some browsing on the side. The naughty student that I am. But I do manage to catch up with all his SQL jargon so it's not bad.
After class I came home, ate some food...inhaled it again. I just get so, so hungry when its that time of the month. Its just weird. I get cravings for like something sweet and then like literally 2 seconds later I get a craving for something savory. Queer. Spent a good amount of time watching 'America's Next Top Model' on Mtv. Its the one where Yoanna wins...pretty old episodes. It's fun though watching their ultra creative photo shoots, the makeup, the hair and just the hullabaloo of them living together. I really like pretty. I see these girls, all of them just gorgeous --but they are all so ridiculously insecure about themselves. Makes me want to chew my nails and pull my hair out all at the same time. Everyone has a reason.

I just ate some frosted flakes with milk. Yum. Now I am debating whether my eyebrows need further tweezing or are they bien?

Among other things, check out why Stephen Colbert was denied South Carolina primary run.
Argh I am hungry for some more food. Such a fatty.

P.S. I really need to some good quality smoky eye-shadows. Mulah where are ya?

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