Monday, November 5, 2007

BSA Variety Show

Went to the BSA Variety Show last night. First of its kind and it just makes me so proud that BSA has come such a long way. It only seems like yesterday when I was sitting among senators and watch BSA come forth and propose the club to be permanent. We got approved and the rest is BSA history. So anyways, last night the Variety show comprised of everything from belly dancing to hip hop dancing to traditional Bengali music. I hope they make this an annual thing and it will be so much bigger, inshaallah. Tilova sang very beautifully and all the other acts were brilliant too. They even had snacks during intermission, all for the fantastic price of $3...I'd pay more for an entertaining show like that. Okay I sound like a columnist now...that's not the intention. BSA is very close to me because I have watched it grow (during its second phase at least because it did exist before and then dissolved due to some circumstances).
Okay have to go to work shmirk and then that paper to write.
PRISON BREAK and HEROES tonight. Yum!

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