Saturday, November 24, 2007

Long time- no see

So--The past few days have been rather eventful and a ton of fun. Gowri and I had planned that no matter, what we would make this Thanksgiving the greatest break ever. We planned out a bunch of things a while ago (like a week ago really) and we followed through with most of it. From spending a night at the VIP area of a club to visiting an art gallery, we did it all. On Thanksgiving, we decided (well, actually I did because I am pretty good at envisioning how long it takes to prepare a meal.) to roast a whole chicken instead of a turkey. Yes, no turkey but hey, everyone love's chicken and you can never really go wrong with chicken. We also got the fixings...potato salad, dinner rolls, gravy, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, etc. It was a ton of fun. Since it was us kids preparing everything, the food tasted just about okay (according to me) but it was really a therapeutic expreience. Need to stop this habit of calling everything therapeutic. I am sure there are people who dread cooking. All in all, the past few days have been fun. Some stuff I am not going to put here because it would render some questionable consequences. Hence the pictorial representation.
Before leaving ---Just one quick thought that I would like to mention. Girls think, Boys don't. It's obviously not true for all girls and all boys but that rule holds very, very true in today's world. I feel that the female mind is this non-stop thinking machine. I mean I know that I sometimes double or triple think. Seems like a hard thing but is achieved quite flawlessly by the ever-wondering female mind. It's not a good thing. I actually prefer the way guys think. They think about something for a hot second and they don't. Their thinking is kind of like short movies. Really short movies albeit successful. Females, however, have sequels to those movies. Many, many sequels, most of which are ginormous flops. This is why women are always going to be behind men in terms of their thinkology. Ignore the usage of weird lingo.
Which one am I? About 4 years ago I was a true blue female thinker. Ever since though I have been trying to switch to male thinking mode---almost getting there. Soon, I too, will be able to enjoy life---without thinking.

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