Sunday, November 4, 2007

A red saturday...

So Saturday was meant to be spent wearing glasses, sipping coffee and staring into the computer in awe of finishing my research paper. Well that happened for like a hot second. After that I went to the gym to release those toxins, stress and all the gunk associated with school work. Came home and then went back to doing the paper. After a while Gowri came over and asked if I was interested in helping her with her hair coloring project. I love girls night in so of course I said yes. We went to Tops, bought two boxes of Loreal Feria Auburn (absolutely beautiful color). Applied like one and half bottles of color to her hair and then slapped the rest on my hair since I didn't want to throw the rest. Now we both have maroon hair...well her's more evenly distributed than mine since I made sure I hit every spot on her gorgeous hair. I look like I just have a wash of red color on the top of my head. It was fun's still fun. I am enjoying this color. After that hair coloring project we got sooo hungry so we went to Denny's and had some light food there. Gowri told me about her days in Switzerland when she was 9-10 and all the things she did there. I love listening to childhood stories- ton of fun. I poured my heart about my previous days at seems so, so long ago. After that I came home...and worked on my paper for sometime but it was fun Saturday.
Yes its a Sunday and I am writing about Saturday...I'm such a dorkus.

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