Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grub time..

The foodie that I am, just wanted to list all of my favorite foods on here:
They are not ranked according to favoriteness, so read on =)

Middle Eastern
1) Turkish Shawarma
2) Arais Bread
3) Hummus
4) Falafel
5) Baklava
6) Fatoush
7) Harisi

Indian/ Bangladeshi
1) Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)
2) Chicken Tandoori (Indian style BBQ Chicken)
3) Butter Naan (Fluffy flat bread slathered with butter)
4) Matar Paneer (Chunks of Ricotta cheese and peas in tomato sauce)
5) Lamb Biryani (Aromatic rice cooked with spiced lamb)
6) Falooda (Milk drink with rose syrup)

1) Fettuccine Alfredo
2) Fried Calamari
3) Pizza Margherita
4) Cannolo siciliano
5) All Italian breads (fresh baked) with dipping oil
6) Tortellini
7) Rum cake
8) Basil Pesto (actually all pestos)

1) Pad Thai
2) Pad Ke Mow
3) Pad Gupow
4) Tom kha gai
5) Fried ice-cream (bananas, coconut, included)
(Okay all these are dishes taken off a certain restaurants menu (Jasmine), don't know any better).

1) Shrimp Lo Mein
2) Chicken Ginger Scallion
3) All kinds of chinese fried rices.
4) Schezuan food

Some foods that I don't know what cuisine they belong to:

1) Butter Mochi (think Hawaiian)
2) Pancit (think Filipino)
3) Bibingka (think Filipino)

Must have forgotten to put like a gazillion more stuff here but this is all the stuff that I can think of now.

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