Monday, December 3, 2007


You know one of those days when it snows a lot, is freezing cold and you haven't slept enough the previous night. Yeah, it was one of those days. Work however, like always, was fun. People at work always make me so happy and cheerful as they keep pouring sweet nothings into my ears. After work, I pulled myself together to go the gym. I mean it took some serious determination to head there in the midst of this 'lake-effect-snow' weather. I have a wedding to attend this time when I go home and I would like to look presentable hence the perseverance to work out. Lately though I haven't been going on a regular basis. School work, distance, weather, etc. have been playing significant roles. Came home after that and got some milk at the convenience store on my way home. Cooked some rice and beef and then inhaled a bit of it. See, there's no point in people like me working out who have a definitive relationship with food. Then I sat to comb my long, knotted hair and then a tooth of the comb accidentally dug into the nasty cut I endured on Friday. Bled for sometime...I hate cuts, nicks and all that stuff although I am super-prone to these things. As I was combing my hair I was thinking how my hair resembles the state of my life in a queer way. Dry, tangled and long. It's hard being cheery all the time but I try to maintain a positive outlook towards life in spite of the many unfavorable situations that it may bear sometimes. Okay...watching Heroes. Love Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia).

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