Saturday, December 22, 2007

Favorite kiddies

Nureen, 9: Love you tons!!!
Afreen, 12: Gorgeous in the making!
Nawaar, 4: Ah absolute gem!

They all live here in Oman and they adore me for being their play buddy. Love all of them. I know there are some of you looking at me like I'm kid-obssessed. I seriously am in no rush to have my own but definitely don't mind playing with others lol.
Leave for Bangladesh in 3 days. Serious trepidation.
I know my mom will be hunting for grooms in all the weddings I will be attending with her. Although I like attending people's weddings, I am in no mood to look around or anything...not the least bit. Just like to be by myself. Why do parents feel the dire need to get us hitched? So like brown parents. But then again there's the whole being obedient to them and all--after all its our parents who brings us into this world, feed us, educate us yada yada (welcome to desi culture)... Gowri haaalp meeee.....I think its best we both get married. What say you? lmao

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