Saturday, December 1, 2007

Being understanding...

9:30am- Cut my thumb with a knife while cutting a fruit.
10:00am- Slipped on ice, fell on my back.
2:00pm- Gash like paper cut with a sharp folder.

*Still smiling*

Being patient, understanding, tolerant, etc. etc. are sometimes all too exhausting.
I obviously can't be too discrete on here but just want to reiterate that I am just a little tired from a whole bunch of things. Okay, I really don't want to complain about anything. I have two legs, two hands, a functional respiratory system...thankful to God for everything. When I am unhappy, there's usually one person to blame for I hope I am not coming across as the ever-ungrateful types. I am grateful for everything that is in my life....even things that are left in forms of left-overs.

Last night was impromptu going out...I was hanging out at Gowri's...we talk about so much stuff and its always a guaranteed fun thing to do. Love my G_love. Anyways, Mahrin, this other friend of mine who is an absolute darling came to pick me up to join her, her boyfriend and some more people for some lounging. Mahrin is a person who is so well-rounded. She is a super smart student and at the same time manages to be involved in various extra cirricular and just be so great at it all! So then Tilova, Nora, Kapono, Shyam, Mahrin and Tawheed and I went to Prespa. Okay, I don't like Prespa but they really wanted to go. It was deadbeat. We then headed to Nektar for a bit which was semi-dead too but I kind of like that, but that's just me. Its a rare thing when I feel like getting my dance on. After Nektar, some of the lovelies headed for some clubbing. Mahrin, Tawheed and I declined...I was super tired plus I wanted to sleep well so I could get started on my final papers.

On a different not--going home (Oman) this winter and definitely looking forward to some quality time with my mom and sister. Then mom and I are going to, we will be going there after 5 years together. Can't wait.

Okay I just baked this corn bread kind of thing...turned out pretty good actually.
(Think happy thoughts)

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