Sunday, December 23, 2007


Ma woke me up real early today morning to go out with her to run some errands...
Made myself a mean egg and some green tea and rushed out the door looking all fuffy-early-in-the-morning face.
Went to the Oman Travel Bureau to get our tickets for Bangladesh. Flight's on Tuesday early morning 3am. Not lovin it.
Then we both went for a hair cut. I got layers and this time got a good length off. I have short hair now...well not short short, maybe medium would be a better word. Ever realize how they say they're not going to take much off and they ALWAYS end up doing so. Ma says it looks nice so I'm happy. She got a trim too. Ah someone touching my hair or face always puts me to sleep.
We picked Naima, my sis, up from home because she would rather sleep in (I would too lol) for lunch. We went to this Chinese/Thai place and had some chicken hakka noodles and thai red curry chicken. Yum but doesn't compare to Jasmine.
Then we went for some now I was so so tired.
Came home...took a nap. Woke up, had some leftovers and a few tangerines. Watched a bit of Laguna Beach, Oprah, Dr. Phil...everything. Worked on my IRB protocol for ready to go to bed.
T'was a fun day with the mom...=)

Friends, acquaintances, etc.: I am so sorry I am being this complete hibernating pig and not wanting to meet up, socialize or anything. Just not in the mood I guess due to a multitude of reasons ---but I still love all of you just as much if not more.

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