Saturday, December 8, 2007


You know when you are mentally and emotionally unsound you can't concentrate on a whole bunch of other things. It's like a chain reaction, snowball effect--whatever you want to call it. I have this utterly horrendous 20 page paper to do and a database to complete. None of which is shaping up substantially because I am just troubled. Its 3:45 pm and I really should be working on my projects, instead I am venting in virtual space. There are people I can share these things with but they have their own share of problems to deal with and I wouldn't want to burden them any further with my ramblings. You know, as much as I refer to my depressing situation as 'ramblings', it really isn't. I really put up with a lot...Yes, I said it and I know there are people with bigger problems but I am so f***** tired of living life in this comparative mode. Enough of being sane and understanding. Sick of putting up a front...sick of being how people want me to be. Need to f**** stop being a people pleaser.
I have no idea how I will progress with my final papers.

*not smiling today*

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