Thursday, December 6, 2007

25 pages. 8 hours...

Okay---I am such a retard. Didn't realize that the 25 page paper was due today. Thank god I opened the syllabus. I felt like such a undergrad today after such a long time. Wow. Can't believe it. Luckily, I had half of it done from last week. Got it in about 15 to 12...can't believe how I did this. I am so on top of things usually...anyways, tomorrow I will be hibernating in Lockwood with my Access bible. Can't wait...not.
On a merrier note, the holiday party at work was such a blast. There was so, so, so much food and coming from a foodie like me, that definitely means there was a ton of food. From appetizers like phyllo wraps to main items like shrimp gumbo and desserts like pecan pie...I can't name all of them here, would take forever. Even Ming (my lovely from work who I absolutely adore---she is like my partner in crime all the time and we both love to eat...well pig out actually) said that it was a little tiring, all the food. Joanna too was enjoying everything...she is my gorgeous, blue-eyed ice princess from Poland. Braynard is another work mate who always has funny anecdotes to share with everyone...from how to make tartar sauce to how how americans are the prettiest people in the world (that's exactly in his words...soo cute).
After this huge feast I met up with my raunchy lover G (for whom I sneaked some wine from the party *wink wink*). We didn't go to class but did manage to discover the paper deadline. Thank God I opened up that syllabus today. Why was I thinking it was due the 14th or something? Cwazy.
Okay---so by default I am very tired. Someone got done with all their exams today...more power to them. Hope you make some time for 'Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool'---

7 days till I go home...=)

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