Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday food-day

Today was a lot of stuff packed in one day...

Went to work from 12-4pm. Second last day at work before spring semester *tear*. So after work I decided to be a fatty and go with Joanna to the Economics department holiday party. I am such a foodaholic. Hate it but can't help it. So they had luscious food there...Indian food, Chinese food, Greek! After that went to Lockwood to tweak around with the Database project. I don't like using VBA programming...confuses me a lot. G came over to see me at Lockwood. We then went to WalMart to pick some stuff for her big night tomorrow. She is going to this winter gala sort of thing tomorrow. Her dress is this beautiful shade of turquoise and goes amazingly with her skin tone. I hope she has a great time there tomorrow. What will I be doing tomorrow? Sitting with my Access bible somewhere and try to figure this thing out and then work on the public policy paper. Can't can't wait.

I know it is too early to make new years resolutions but the coming year I hope to become a more patient and enduring person. Hope to cherish the things that have been given to me and be satisfied with them instead of being whiny. God, give me the strength. Okay I sound
Been a long day...nite.

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