Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I was tagged!

Hi Everyone,

I was recently tagged by Le Midget to share 6 random facts. So here goes!Here are the Rules:

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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Six random facts about me:

1. I love salted butter. I have to have butter in my fridge at all times or I get paranoid. I dab some on hand-rolled bread (roti), I add some to my dal (lentil soup) and the list goes on. Every time I go to Denny's or IHOP I always ask for extra butter on the side. Clearly, I am not concerned about the huge bulges forming on various parts of my body. Final point: I love butter!

2. Night-time weirdnesses: I grit/grind my teeth at night a lotttt (probably pent-up stress). The nice orthodontist in Oman gave me a night-guard to wear while sleeping. It helps. Another, I wake up at least twice to pee in the middle of the night.

3. I am terrified of loud noises. Could be a thud, a burst, crackle or anything. From fireworks to gun-shot sounds, I am absolutely horrified of all kinds of loud disturbing sounds. Hence my hands are always shoved up in my ears in the event of a loud sound (even when I go to sleep I shove a bit of my blanket in my ears to block any sound).

4. I like walking around aimlessly in grocery stores and I'd rather do that than go out dancing. I go from aisle to aisle peering at the latest deals and steals. I particularly enjoy the bulk nuts/candy section...nice to try stuff out while I am there :-D

5. I have never had a laptop. Ever.

6. My absolute favorite food is tandoori chicken (besides many more). Particularly, the one that is sold at a food vendor 5 minutes drive from my house in Oman. They make the chicken just right on the grill with optimum char and they provide a delicious tart yogurt dressing on the side. Right next to that food stall is another stall that makes stuffed bread and I love their chicken stuffed and cheese stuffed breads. They make them hand-fluffed inside a clay oven. You could wolf an entire meal for about 5 dollars and be stuffed up to your neck.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me girl! Wow I love your blog! I am going to be visiting it much much more:) You are so beautiful by the way!

Le Midget said...

ooo omg what site is that? that sounds almost too good to be true!

Le Midget said...

It works! And I found some really cool looking contacts from colorvue (I think) that look a bright green. I doubt it'll show up BUT I'll still order some in a few weeks because I'm still in search of the perfect green contacts. I LOOOOVE green harry potter's lol. Thank you so much for sending me the link..I'm a lensaholic and that really is the best deal I've seen for freshlooks. Do you think they check with the doc for prescriptions =/ ?