Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*Skin Alert* and then some

So guys, I am so so so sooo grateful to God that my skin has started to clear up considerably (compared to a month ago). I am so happy---although my forehead is still a little grainy. I just think my skin likes fall and winter season much more than the summer. I just hope nothing else pops up. I am okay with monthly singular zits but not a patch full of little ones. Anyways, so I have been diligent about going to the gym but not so diligent about eating healthy. I mean I ate burger king and fries for dinner :p. So as I was saying, Mahrin's wedding is less than a month away and I just know that it will be a fabulous wedding and lots of fabulous people are going to be there and I want to try to look...well fabulous! I always need some kind of motivating factor like that to give me the drive to workout. So Mahrin, you are doing me a huge favor! Brad's halloween shindig is also the weekend after next. I don't know what I am going to be...I am probably going to do a ganguro look that I saw this beauty blogger, Le Midget do and it looked awesome! Job status is still sucky--I am considering going back home (to Oman) early January. I had a very disturbing dream last night and I just realized 'why am I here ridiculously far faraway from my parents and sister?'. What am I achieving out of this? The slim possibility of finding a job? *sigh* I have to be home with my mom and be able to give her a hug anytime I want.

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-M.R.- said...

Heh- I'm the one who needs motivation now! Also, I think Faaiza will be joining us on Thursday :)