Sunday, October 12, 2008

My story...

*Took the pic while walking to the gym was a beautiful day and I had to get a capture of a perfect autumn day!*

So whats my story? I mean yes this blog is all my story but then again is it really 'my' story. LOL. I'm just messing with your heads! I just wanted this post to be about somethings that a lot of you might not know about me. I have only listed three facts as I have gone to great lengths to explain each of them. Hopefully I will list more facts later that will help you all understand my story.

1)I have ridiculously low self-esteem and I (most of the time) do a ridiculously good job at hiding it. Explanation: Ever since I was a little girl, I always felt unpretty. Always. As I grew up, I always kept an eye out on how to beautify oneself. I am pretty darn sure that this fact has raised over a dozen eyebrows...Thank you so much to all those of you who consider me beautiful. I will be ever grateful to you. Trust me though, makeup and other shennanigans helps a lot! I am not not not not naturally aesthetically appealing! But the fact remains, when I look in the mirror---I see an insecure, unsure and confused person trying to make it through every day. I need lots of reassurance! I am trying to change that and hopefully I one day I will!

2)I cannot, cannot, CANNOT stand dirty, staunchy, musty, laundry. I wash clothes all the time (even at 2am!), be it three t-shirts, one hoodie or even two *ahems*. I love it when all the clothes and linens around me are smelling fresh and fragrant of some fruity or floral laundry detergent. To press your nose against a cold, freshly laundered pillow case (in a pillow)---heaven!

3)I love good bread with good butter or dipping oil. I am an aficionado of all things carbohydrates and as much damage as it has caused to my gluteus maximus, I still continue to gorge on fluffy, moist and luscious loaves of bread with sweet cream butter or some flavored oil. I am particularly in love with this one type of bread at the moment that this local grocer makes, its called Cheese Bread and its baked with tons and tons of cheddar cheese. I usually eat it with some sun-dried tomatoes pesto and slices of turkey breast on it. It's amazing!

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Lost-in-thought said...

Understanding yourself is half the battle won. So look forward and jog straight.. :)