Thursday, October 23, 2008


So, the weather's been a brat. It's been changing like a mad man but mostly its getting cold and as sinister-ish as it may sound, I am liking it :-D. Maybe I've been in Buffalo for just that long that now I am used to it. Anyways, so I have been going to the gym and doing a lot of free weights followed by cardio because this one friend I know (who has personal trainer certification) said that doing weights before cardio is much more effective in burning fat. I am happy and all with my workout plan however, I have not lost any weight per se, I have actually gained weight. The only thing I can hope and pray is that it is muscle weight. I don't know man, I work out then I get home and gorge on a big plate of rice, curry and what nots while piercing my eyes into either tbs or food network. I mean, I give up...I will never ever be pin skinny or needle thin or whatever jargon they use. I will always just be a little bigger. Day by day this world is losing some if not all appreciation for flab a.k.a meat. Everyone wants to be skinny skinny skinny with voluminous hair, voluminous lips, voluminous *ahems* and everything else should just be juiceless and emaciated. Most of the people that matter to me and are close to me never complained about me being a chubster. I really am doing this for myself...Mahrin's wedding on the horizon is also a big, big factor but I am trying to make this a regular thing. *Mahrin I am so excited to catch up with you!* I definitely sleep better at night after a day of working out. Ew I've written so much about workout. So tomorrow is Brad's Halloween party and I won't really costumize just got like a $3 kiddies princess set which has a tiara, wand, ring (that i broke), earrings (that don't stay). So, yeah, I'm just gonna don that. Mkay. So peoples, my skin is being bad again...I am so sick of this. I don't care is what it is. Job status: Zero. I am probably really brave to put that on here so openly. I mean, for the last few weeks haven't heard from anywhere. I have started applying to other countries now mainly united arab emirates. I say that I am being brave because I have seen people who recently got laid off (from fortune 500 companies) and one person went like 'I just didn't want to do the big city thing anymore so I resigned'. Yeah worked for a year in a company on wall-street and you quit beacuse of what? pshaw. okay, sorry, i shouldn't be so mean and believe what they say but it really is hard to when the economy is in a coma and ppl are trying so hard to keep up.


Lost-in-thought said...

Dubai is a tourist city. Its expensive and busy. Its all about drugs, alcohol and prostitution. Every girl that walks on the street are.. (you know what). I guess you should look for Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. And if you want the good old peacfull life, there is no place like Oman. TC

Anonymous said...

i felt i was totally right there with u when i read this!!! go girl!!! i am sure ur doing fine with your workout sessions