Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Happy Obama everyone! I am in nyc, came here yesterday with Mahrin and her family. Mahrin's wedding is this weekend hence my trip to nyc. I am so many things are happening, an excellent man has been elected president (yes, I too like historians am worrying in bits whether he will be able to live up to the ginormous expectations but hey let's enjoy the victory and worry a day later) and Mahrin's getting married this weekend. Fun fun fun...I got a haircut today at a russian barber shop for 12 measly dollars. yeah. he cut my hair felt like childhood times, when daddy would take me and sis to barber shops and we'd get a quick cut boy style. lol. more later.

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Francesca said...

12$ for a "good" haircut?!
Ok, I'm officially jealous, haha.

Have fun at the wedding :)