Friday, October 10, 2008

Pure Luxe Pigment Samples

*Make-up Post*
All those of you who love MAC pigments but don't have the nerve or budget to shell out $20 a pop, Pureluxeminerals is the best place for you. You can order samples for $1 and you get enough for a lifetime!!! If you're in the U.S, shipping is only like $3.50 (for up to $10 worth of products). Check out this video on youtube to figure out what colors look like: Pure luxe sample swatches. I haven't bought any yet but do plan on getting some soon!

In other news, nothing much has happened. I hung out with Brad for a bit today and he is the most awesomest person ever! There should be more people like Brad! Also got to see Vinny for a bit since they both were meeting up for some game-buying related stuff. It was like a mini-informatics gathering in front of the center for the arts. I came home, watched American History X (lovee Edward Norton). What a beautiful movie! Loved it. Well, beautiful might not be most appropriate to articulate it but it really was a good watch!

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Le Midget said...

Thanks for voting for me :)
And yes man I've been wanting to try out them samples from pureluxe and fyrinnae but I already have soo much stuff (to me) ..but samples couldn't hurt ^_^ hehe..I'll get it sometime.