Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When retaliation becomes an answer for everything...

Ever met the kind that respond to every thing good or bad with a retaliative (don't know if it is a word but I am deriving it from retaliation) attitude? It could be that some people look at every moment as an opportunity to win or something. I don't blame those people. Maybe they were raised like that, maybe its genetics, maybe its an in-built biological design (or error) or maybe its a combination of all of the above. They cannot say things like 'Sorry', 'I Love You', 'Thank You', 'It is/was my fault', etc. They think uttering those phrases might belittle them and make them look less powerful or less credible. These people, go on hurting others everyday with their defensive attitudes. I am sure they would definitely succeed if they were to become politicians, lawyers or chief of defense. But in other realms of their lives? They might succeed but not for too long.

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