Sunday, August 24, 2008

Distracting myself...

(Picture has nothing to do with my post...I am just reminiscing the good ol days when my skin wasn't a disaster and a victim of 'adult acne'...eww...hope this phase passes)
Back to my rant of the day: Have you ever thought about the mundane things in life to distract yourself from the more serious things in life for a long stretch of time? Well, I have and let's just say I am close to becoming messiah of that department. For hours long I dabble in watching make-up tutorials online, researching the latest deals and steals, reading up on product reviews, etc. all to keep my mind off the more serious, unplayful things in life. But here's the catch--my mind still is thinking about all those deep and in some cases grievous things as I am busy learning about the latest peach-colored eyeshadow that will make my eyes pop. Here's another secret: I am very, very sensitive to listening to sad/mellow/slow songs. On my ipod or on my playlist, I am always listening to annoyingly fast upbeat music that one probably should listen to either on a treadmill or in a party. I know everything that I am saying is summing upto one thing: I am a supresser..which is not good. Well, a supresser (according to me) is someone who doesn't use any kind of outlet to release their frustrations. I do...I just named so many.
Anyways, speaking of reality, what's up with all these burgeoning plane crashes? Aircrafts need to be inspected with a little more scrutiny I believe but then again who am I to say, it was probably fate. What else has been the world upto? Oh, I read this article about whether the legal drinking age should be 21. I think no matter what one makes the drinking age, there's always going to be those who just take it a little too far. Look at me, giving a spiel about not thinking about serious stuff and here I am talking about it all in one breath. Okay, fun stuff :) I am going to the mall with Julie and Gowri tomorrow and we are very excited to use our $10 off coupons at The Body Shop. Yummy! Julie and I might also go to see 'Sex and the City' movie at the cheap theater for like $3. Yes yes we didn't see it yet...we were busy wrapping up our degrees then. Oh, also tomorrow is the first day of fall semester and I am not going back to school...feels good:) Although, the sucky job hunt doesn't...I have been reading so many news articles that are talking about how 2008 graduates are going to have one of the hardest times finding jobs. Even places like New York are facing hiring freezes. Ugh...there goes my sleep for the night. See, every night ever since I finished my thesis and got officially done with school, I haven't had a decent night of sleep unless it was induced by some kind of allergy medication (bad, don't do.) But I still try to wake up every morning thinking about the possibilites of making it a perfect day...

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-M.R.- said...

Hi Nafisa!

Wanted to leave a comment because I do read your site (wasn't sure if you knew- I subscribe to the rss feed). I definitely miss you and if I weren't going to houston this weekend would have loved to see you sometime this week, I leave Wednesday.

As per your post - I think it's really scary about all the plane crashes too, did you know the last time I flew JetBlue I was delayed by 12 hours going to New York because of maintenance problems (the plane had to go back to the gate) and on the way back I was delayed 4 hours because as the plane was taking off, the parking break(?) sensor was going off and the pilots had to slow down and go back to the gate?!! That was scary. Flying has turned into a nightmare nowadays.

Also, I still think you look great, a few pimples can't take away from your general beauty. Besides, I truly think they're stress and heat induced, so once you have a job and the Buffalo winter returns I think you (and me, come to think about it) will be in much better "facial" shape.

Hope you have a good day! I finally talked to Atu, said you gave him my number so THANKS! Haven't talked to that kiddo in a long time either. :)