Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I have been frequenting YouTube a lot these days for all kinds of videos particularly makeup tutorials. Please don't stare at me like I'm a freak. It's better than having a hobby like knife collecting or smelling shoe polish (I used to like the smell when I was 10 or something--not anymore). So as I was going through some videos I came across a particular user and she had a video where she was going to show her skin care routine and before she proceeded to do so, she mentions that she is trying not to say 'umm' between phrases so she will just pause instead of saying 'umm'. Okay---everytime she paused (eerily long pauses), my ears braced for an 'umm' and it never came and it annoyed me a lot because that 'umm' would have been smaller than her pause. I am used to 'umm' because I 'umm' too if it is a casual conversation or something. I mean obviously phone interviews, in-flesh interviews, presidential speeches and courtroom procedures are some instances where 'umms' are absolute no nos. But for normal activities, using 'umm' has actually become commonplace. We are the 'umm' generation. It shows that you are thinking aloud. Of course when people do long 'umms' multiple number of times every millisecond, it can get very irritating. But this particular situation was vexing because she mentioned it prior to starting the tutorial. Only if she hadn't. By the way, I am not promoting 'umming'. I just think that for all those unscripted moments in our lives, umms are just normal. Geez, look at me, talking about something that is probably a little more important than what ants discuss about carrying on their backs. Oo-kay, time to put the lame brain to bed.

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Lost-in-thought said...

ummmmm generation .. way to go... :D