Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall is almost here...

Ugh I have been very upset today after I learned about the plane crash in Madrid, Spain...Really devastating. As I stared at the news article online in dismay, my heart felt so heavy and I thought, it could have been my loved one or me...After sometime my roomie tells me that she is headed towards Galleria mall and if I'd like to join her. I decided to go and get my mind off the horrible things happening in the world. It was a quick day at the mall...we hit a few stores starting from good ol macy to sephora and all. We had to get into Urban Behavior due to the obnoxious sign that they hung outside the store '50 to 90% off storewide savings, closing sale, etc' in all sorts of neon colors. As we entered, it was quite a sight...people rumagging through the jean rack, the tank top rack, the tees rack, etc. to find out what we all look for...the ridiculously low prices...and to our dissapointment, there were none. Soon, we were headed towards Body Shop and there they currently have a really nice sale, you combine any two products from the tea tree oil range for only $18. The roomie bought two face masks from the tea tree line and used another $10 off coupon on top of it and bought it all for $8. Amazing. Then we entered sanctuary a.k.a sephora. All those sephora people dressed in black man suits (women and men). Upbeat techno playing loud, whiffs of all kinds of manhattany-scents flying around and beautiful makeup products staring in your face. One day, I will be rich and I will buy all of it lol. I sprayed some of that L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani...that smell reminds me of this:

"A high-end magazine editor, attending an elegant party, atop a roof in one of manhattan's classiest, skin glowing from all that creme de la mer, wearing a chanel black mesh ball gown, louboutin pumps, with a 5-carat d flawless harry winston on her...middle finger".

Sweet independence thats the picture that comes to mind...Yeah I know I think real rich lol'. Back to after the mall Julie and I went for a walk and then we were craving that Gelato once again so off we were to Wegmans. We got kind of hungry for food so we had some food from their food bar. I had some lemon pepper shrimp, shrimp purse, fried fish, etc. yummers. We still had some gelato after that....we love food! Yay Julie! So that was today :-)

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Nafisa, love your blogs. Makes me feel i am living your life. Maybe this is the reason i never write on your wall "hey whazzup whaz going on your side?" :) Its all here!!!